Ugh. Sigh.

It’s been one of those weeks, y’all; one of those weeks where you want to pack it up and book yourself on the next spaceship off this planet because you have given up on the majority of the human race. Unfortunately, they cut NASA’s funding, so I’m currently pricing private space travel.

First we have The Westboro Baptist Church saying they are going to boycott Steve Jobs’ funeral:

Ugh. Sigh. Image via Buzzfeed

As a call to arms to my local Persephoneers, Jon and I will be counter-protesting since a) my husband worships at the altar of Steve Jobs and b) because fuck the Westboro Baptist Church, that’s why. If any Bay Area peeps (we are assuming they will have something in this area due to Apple’s location, though this has yet to be announced) are interested in joining, let me know in the comments below and I will keep you posted. Also, we are brainstorming sign ideas, so if anyone has good ones, please let me know, as well.

Then we have this asshat –

Representative AssHat. Image courtesy of Talking Points Memo

This is Republican Montana Rep. Dennis Rehberg. He is very concerned about all the taxpayer money that is being stolen by school lunch fraud. Yep. This dude, who I learned via, has voted to increase his own salary 5 times and to uphold oil subsidies, is worried about those damn hungry kids gouging the system. Really bro? REALLY? Fuck you. To read more about this lovely gent, please go to Talking Points Memo.

And speaking of “Really?!”, we round out the trifecta of idiots with CNN’s Erin Burnett, who has a brand spankin’ new nightly show that just started. She seems to be ripping off Amy Poehler and Seth Myer’s awesome “Really?!” bit with her own “Seriously?” look at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Please, take a moment to watch this smug asshole:

Erin Burnett Occupy Wall Street – Damn it, CNN won’t let me embed the video, but please, take a moment if you haven’t seen it to see the absurdity of her position. Here is a picture, so you can put a face to the nonsense in case you can’t watch the video-

Hi Erin. You are a belittling jerk. Image courtesy of

The video shows her going down to the Occupy Wall Street protests, poking fun at the bongo playing hippies, then she proceeds to interview a relatively soft-spoken young man. She tells him that Americans actually made money from the bailout, did he know that? The young man says he did not and would have to do more research. She goes on to claim, basically, that nope, no need to research, those are the facts, Americans made money, now don’t you feel silly for being here? As most people being fed finely honed talking points by media savvy people with a camera shoved in their face would do, the young man is flummoxed and taken aback. I can’t blame him for not knowing what to say. I do wish, however, that he would have said “Oh really, Erin? How silly of me! Americans made money on the bailout? That’s awesome, and must be why we are currently living in an Eden-like utopia where there is 0% unemployment, everyone has enough food to eat and nobody has had their home foreclosed upon! Oh wait, that’s right, we don’t! Because your bullshit talking point addresses a minute portion of the financial meltdown and corruption that our country is plagued by and was perpetuated by the people we are protesting. So you can take the pennies each American made from the bailout and by a piece of gum, I’ll be here trying not to shove my foot up your ass.”

Erin, I try hard to refrain from girl-on-girl crime. I like to support women in the media because our presence there is still lacking, our voices still not being heard. But you know what? You’re an asshole. An asshole for making that kid feel stupid, an asshole for spouting off information that may have factual basis but you know is disingenuous at best, and an asshole for falling in line, lock-step, with the rest of the mainstream media regarding these protests. This has nothing to do with you being a woman, and everything to do with you being a jerk.

These three people influence other’s world views. They have the ability to spread misinformation like wildfire. While the first two are are blatant trolls, the third is representative of the misinformation that is being spread to the majority of the population. I also no longer discount fringe lunatics like the WBC or Representative Numb-Nut because the majority spoke in the last election, seating people into power who have proceeded to destroy civil rights and bodily autonomy and dismantle labor unions. I no longer trust the majority, and I am scared about what is happening to our country.

As they say, If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention. And I will keep you guys posted on pricing if anyone wants to come to the moon with me.

/end rant.


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