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You Complete Me, Internet: Ooh! Shiny! Edition

We always like sharing links to other interesting places on the Internet frontier, but I’m especially proud of the depth, scope, and randomness of the list behind the cut. 

Flickr group “The Secret Life of Plants” macro photography.

close-up photo of white flower with yellow center.

You Look So Absurd, You Look So Obscene: The Most Memorable Movie Psychopathic Characters (Masked, Maimed and in Make-Up) on Pajiba

And the song that title came from, because it’s stuck in my head now.

Wealthcare from The New Republic, on fascination with Ayn Rand.

Rich and Tasty: Recipes for the New Class Warfare on Boing Boing.  Millionaire pie, anyone?

Four charts explaining what the OWS protesters are pissed about, from Business Week.

Why YouTube Will Never Replace Teachers on GOOD.

Also from GOOD, Ethical Halloween candy not produced from child slave labor.

Video of a RI hotel worker quitting his job with the help of a marching band, on Laughing Squid.

Harry Potter PSAs on College Humor.

Pictures of a rescued baby gorilla on National Geographic.

inhabitots features a slideshow of six amazing homemade Halloween costumes for kids from Etsy.

Round-up of hearty one dish vegetarian meals from NYT’s Well.

A Simple Day In the Life, photos from around the world on The Big Picture photography blog on

4 Worst Things About Writing for the Internet on Cracked. Heh.

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