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Ask the Editors: Homemade Hot Chocolate

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I’m currently craving hot chocolate, but I want to make homemade stuff. Anybody have any good, easy recipes? It’s starting to get colder and I could use some warming up.

Yes, I’m aware google is available, but I’d rather one of the amazing Persephoneers give a recipe since there’s so many tasty recipes shared on here.

LOL. Can we.

pileofmonkeys: Mine’s super imprecise: I pour milk with a little half and half in a saucepan, add a couple teaspoons of powdered baking chocolate (or a few squares of bar baking chocolate), some brown sugar and vanilla, and whisk the fuck out of it until it’s hot.

Sally SassyPants: I do what in South America is called a submarino. You heat up milk (at least 2% because fat is delicious) and drop in a square or two of good chocolate. It gets melty and then you stir it up. Easy and yummy.

Sara B: The closest I come to homemade hot chocolate is Swiss Miss.

Coco Papy: On a low heat, combine 2% and half and half. Add cinnamon, cardamom, and a clove for good measure. Stir on low heat. Add dark bitter chocolate ( 3-4 cubes), stir. Turn up heat a touch until a little more hot than enough to drink (no burning!) Add a touch of honey if you like it sweet, otherwise, its a bit smokier tasting.

Michelle Miller: My one and only thought is that everyone should adulterate their homemade hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Ruby Bruiseday: Mine is artery clogging and disgusting, which is why it’s so delicious. In a saucepan on medium-low heat, melt about 2 tbsp. butter per handful semisweet chocolate chips, and about a handful per small mug. I have hands on the small size, so if you know you have larger hands, adjust accordingly (or just get a bigger mug). Once these are melted down and stirred together into a rich sauce, start slowly whisking in milk. The higher the fat content, the better for your milk; skim doesn’t seem to combine with the buttery chocolate quite right. When combined, decrease the heat to low, stir for another minute or two, just until the whole beverage is nice and hot. Stir constantly, otherwise the milk grows a skin or scorches on the bottom. Ew. Do not drink it if it does that. Remove from heat, pour into mugs, and leave a little room for: a candy cane, a cinnamon stick, a splash of Irish cream, a splash of your favorite rum, and/or home-whipped cream. Enjoy!

Xfafafabulous: Right! I normally am making this just for myself and I totally alter it according to how I am feeling and how much I want. I start by heating up some half and half (heavy cream if I really need it, haha) on the stove top. Mix in unsweetened cocoa powder (I do it by color and taste–I want it pretty chocolatey!) and white sugar, whisking until fully incorporated. I add a shake of salt and a splash of vanilla–more if I am making multiple cups. And then, my favorite part: a few drops of peppermint oil. You can also use mint extract. Nom nom nom. At Christmas, I just stir in a candy cane. :)

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I never knew until quite recently that hot chocolate recipes are a thing. Being from a place where cocoa is freely and cheaply available, I was brought up on basic hot cocoa: couple of spoons of bitter cocoa powder, couple of spoons of sugar, heated milk, topped off with homemade whipped cream. Easy as pie, and just as good.

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