Deus ex MacIntosh

Deus ex MacIntosh: It Could Be Worse

Dear Deus ex MacIntosh,

What the fuck is up with mother-in-laws and why can’t they ever shut the hell up about my radish flowers and other inane minutae?

Defeated Daughter-in-Law

Dear DDiL,


First, your radish roses are perfectly lovely, don’t let anyone tell you differently. From a completely non-TV related position, I’d recommend not making her any more radish roses and putting cheap sheets and stinky soap in the guest room when she visits.

In lieu of finding a specific example of a DIL overcoming a twatwaffle MIL (DILs win as often as the Cubs) I thought we might try a different angle.

10 Television MILs Who Might Make Your MIL Seem Less Evil

10. Jackie Florrick (Mary Beth Peil), The Good Wife

9. Judy Eriksen (Suzie Plakson), How I Met Your Mother

8. Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), Arrested Development

7. Olivia “Mother” Jefferson (Zara Cully), The Jeffersons

6. Bev Harris (Estelle Parsons), Roseanne

5. Sirella (Shannon Cochran), Deep Space Nine

4. Endora (Agnes Morehead), Bewitched

3. Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand), The Sopranos

2. Harriet Oleson (Katherine MacGregor), Little House on the Prairie

1. Marie Barone (Doris Roberts), Everybody Loves Raymond

Hope this helps!

Love, Selena


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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