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Flashback Monday OT: 1979 or Your First Movie

Happy Monday, Persephoneers!

I hope today was a good one. Over the holiday weekend, I was able to enjoy the new Muppets movie, and I have to say, it’s a good one. Even my kids, who don’t really know the Muppets from the Smurfs left the theater singing, “Am I Man or a Muppet?”

It’s a huge nostalgia trip, one that got me thinking back to when I saw the first Muppet movie, back in 1979, in the theater with my mom, brother, aunt and cousin. I have vague memories of sitting in the theater, and my three year old brother FREAKING out when Animal burst through the roof. Technically, it wasn’t my first time in the movie theater- that actually happened a few years early for a screening of Dumbo. But The Muppets Movie is the first movie I semi-remember seeing. What was yours?

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Empire Strikes Back. I was incredibly young, so the only real memory of the movie I have is my mother taking me to see it in one of the old movie palaces. We sat up in the balcony and the theater had one of those great old chandeliers — that’s my strong visual impression, seeing the Darth Vader helmet thru the chandelier.

I don’t think it was the very first movie I saw in theaters, but the first one I remember is Fantasia. I’d have been about four, and I loved it. Up until the last sequence with the demons and the scary music, at which point (I’m told) I began bawling and we had to leave. I got it on tape and watched it over and over, but I never watched that last number until I was like 20.

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