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Fun Time Open Thread: 11/15/11

The header is a lie. There’s no trivia tonight, we’re playing Non-Trademarked Scattered Categories again! I’ll give you a list of categories and a letter, you give me an answer for each category that starts with the magic letter. Once an answer has been used in the comments it can’t be repeated, so if I say “Something you eat that starts with ‘C'” and the first person says “cucumber,” then the next person has to think of something else besides cucumber.

Your letter is “T” (and putting “the” at the beginning of your answer doesn’t count):

  • A woman’s name
  • Something you eat
  • A musician or band
  • An article of clothing
  • A book or author
  • A cartoon character
  • A cheesy gift
  • A hobby
  • Somewhere you would like to go

Now good luck, have fun and tell us about your week! 

By [E]SaraB

Glass artisan by day, blogger by night (and sometimes vice versa). SaraB has three kids, three pets, one husband and a bizarre sense of humor. Her glass pendants can be found at if you're interested in checking it out.

6 replies on “Fun Time Open Thread: 11/15/11”

  • A woman’s name: Tashi :)
  • Something you eat: Tamales
  • A musician or band: Talking Heads
  • An article of clothing: Toe socks
  • A book or author: Tolstoy
  • A cartoon character: Turanga Leela
  • A cheesy gift: Texas Goat Cheese (It’s cheesy! Get it? I kill myself.)
  • A hobby: Telling people to fuck off (Blueberry already stole my favorite t hobby!)
  • Somewhere you would like to go: Telluride
  • A woman’s name – Tasha
  • Something you eat – Tortilla chips
  • A musician or band – Third Eye Blind :)
  • An article of clothing – Topsiders
  • A book or author – To Kill a Mockingbird
  • A cartoon character – Terrence (and Phillip)
  • A cheesy gift – Thomas Kinkade prints
  • A hobby – Tickling the ivories
  • Somewhere you would like to go – Tahiti! (I want to go back!)

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