Gobble, Gobble: Your Name Here

What is it about Thanksgiving and place card holders? It’s the only meal of the year where we ever used place cards growing up, and we made new ones every year.

My parents typically hosted Thanksgiving, and once we’d lost interest in the parade on television, my mom would put us to work making place cards. In the same drawer as the placemats, there are at least five variations of a Thanksgiving place card holder. They aren’t holdovers from my legacy, these are actually place card holders made in this century – by my kids and my nieces and nephews. In a way, it makes sense. What else is there for a couple of kids to do on Thanksgiving day before it’s time to eat?

A good place card holder project might involve a nature walk of some sort to gather leaves, rocks, or pine cones. This gets everyone out of the house around lunch time, which is the name of the game since dinner is probably still a couple of hours away.

In honor of families everywhere, looking for something constructive to do on Thanksgiving while the turkey roasts, I give to you this round-up of place cards from Pinterest:


Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving!

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