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It’s the Weekend Open Thread!

We’ve all survived another week, let’s get chatty in the open thread to celebrate.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Has anyone seen Ides of March ? I just did, and as much as I loved it, there is one giant thing that bothered me..


***spoiler, crossed out to make accidental reading less likely***

Why is the main female character’s only purpose is to be a plot device who has sex, gets pregnant and dies? Really, 2011, George Clooney, and Ryan Gosling?

***end spoiler**

I’m a bit proud of myself today.  I managed to cram a small elliptical machine into my bedroom in front of my computer.  I figure that I’m more likely to use it if I can watch Netflix streaming at the same time.  I need something exercise-y to do while I wait for my new roller skates to come in.

Apparently, I am also a rabid feminist in my sleep.

Last night I had a dream where I and a bunch of people I knew were applying for a job. It was one of those cattle-call kind of things (they get a bunch of people, try them out for a few days, and then pick a few to keep.). The job was to announce sports stuff.

There was a women there who had tons of plastic surgery, to the point where you could tell she had been very pretty (either naturally or had she stopped a few procedures ago), but was not very bright and was clearly self-conscious about her job skills (in the dream, she had also told me that she was really concerned about being able to find a job because she didn’t think she was very smart). A bunch of people were making fun of her for it behind her back, while being all “She’ll probably get the job because she clearly will sleep with the boss to get it.”

And I was all “Hey, that’s not cool. Have you ever thought that our society teaches women from a young age that they have to be super-smart, super-pretty, and super-competent to succeed? And that if you’re missing some of the other ones, well, super-pretty is the most important one? And MAYBE it’s not her fault that it’s that way, and maybe she went a little overboard because she has no self-confidence, because people like you who claim to be feminists see a pretty girl and immediately start calling her stupid and saying mean things to cut her down to try to make yourselves feel better? Okay, so she’s not that great at academics. Does that means she’s suddenly a worthless human being?”

Dear subconscious: I am proud of you.

I am 100% ready to unfuck my life… tomorrow. Today I ate chocolate and popcorn, watched the new Twilight movie (HILARIOUS. We were snorting with laughter through the whole thing. Thankfully, so was the rest of our theater), and am having a Me Night with Netflix and Chinese food.

But tomorrow, there will be groceries, cleaning, and viewing a place we might rent next year. Huzzah!

If that’s the case, then please motivate me in the most terrifying way. Chocolate and popcorn sound awesome, right up there with chocolate covered potato chips. Also, I have never seen a Twilight movie but I did read the books (late) and got morbidly hooked. A mutual friend of ours (I believe) wrote that “vampires don’t sparkle, they burst into fucking flames”. This is a quote that I will never forget and I like to apply it to all sorts of situations that are just wrong.

So today is my 30th birthday. I worked a 9 hour shift and came home to find out my roommate’s going to a concert with his girlfriend. Basically they wished me a happy birthday and left so I’m sitting on my couch crying by myself on a huge milestone birthday because I have no friends.


worst. birthday. ever.

Happy birthday! I think everyone here can empathize with you. We’ve all had to go through those shitty birthdays where no one acknowledges you, and missing the milestone ones are the worst.

Rest assured, they suck and you rock. I’d send you a cake if I could shove it through the intertubes. :)

I have had those birthdays before, and they suck hardcore. I was in bed by the time you posted this, but I think it’s a great time to do something for yourself (I know that mani/pedi was suggested by someone else. I also recommend watching your favorite guilty-pleasure movie)

That totally sucks, I’m sorry. I once threw a pair of shoes at my husband on my birthday. I told him, “Fine! Sleep with your fucking shoes!” and lobbed one at my pillow. The other was aimed the same but the stupid man sat up and caught it with his face. He got a black eye, took a picture of it, and texted it to me every day for a week at random times, knowing about my naturally guilty conscience. I’m so sorry about your birthday. I hope you made it up to yourself. By the way, life is freaking awesome in your thirties. Happy Birthday.

I think I need to stay off of FB for a while. Every time I see some ignorant conservative redneck jerkwad start spouting off about how all these lazy people on unemployment shoud just get a job, I start seeing white. (It’s like seeing red, only angrier.) THERE ARE NO JOBS. EVEN AT MCDONALD’S. MCDONALD’S IS NOT HIRING.

I once read a book series about a dotty female detective in a cute little English village. I think her name was Agatha and I remember she had a crush on (and maybe even dated?) her bachelor neighbor. I think there was a cat involved. It was pure fluff and I need a break from my fiction awards reading list so at 2 AM I was thinking about it and wondering – does anyone know what I’m talking about? I cannot remember the titles, the characters’ names, or the author.  :)

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