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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 2.06 “Home, Part 1”

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, there was a LOT of yuckiness, but we’re apparently not starting with that. Instead, we’ve got Boomer telling Baltar that there are eight Cylons in the fleet; the president’s escaped, to be taken under Zarek’s wing; and Starbuck is leaving the lovely Sam T. Anders behind on Caprica to go find Earth. Starbuck, Hot Hot Helo, and preggers Sharon are heading back with the Arrow of Apollo to go to Kobol and open the tomb of Athena, which will show them the road to Earth. Twenty-four ships have left Galactica’s protection to follow President Roslin and meet up with Starbuck.

It seems that there are 18,000 people aboard the twenty four ships that jumped away, including a mining ship. Tigh reports that morale is down, families were torn apart. Commander Adama knows this only too well, lest we forget that his son Lee has thrown in his lot with President Roslin.

Speaking of Lee Adama, he’s speaking at the Astral Queen, Tom Zarek’s ship, and there’s some sort of meeting. (I don’t think it’s the Quorum of Twelve, more likely representatives from each ship, but it’s unclear. Also, there’s a dude straight-up dressed like a wizard.) They’re worried about Lee’s allegiance, and also about Galactica jumping in and destroying them. Someone suggests they head down to Kobol on their own, without the Arrow of Apollo, but the priestess points out that any trip to Kobol will result in someone dying, because that’s what happens on Kobol.

We find out that an unkown, unidentified ship has jumped into range of Roslin’s ships. Just when they’re about to shoot the ship down, turns out it’s Starbuck! She strides aboard the Astral Queen, and is greeted by Lee, who kisses her hello! Surprise! Then Sharon walks out, and Lee flips, pinning her against a wall with a gun pressed to her face. Hot Hot Helo, defender of all, takes aim at Lee. It’s an incredibly tense situation, and now, boom! Opening credits.

Post-credits, there’s a daisy chain of guns-in-faces. Roslin commands everyone to put their guns down, assuring Helo that Sharon will be unharmed. Guns down, and then Roslin orders Sharon to be put out the airlock. As they’re dragging Sharon away, she yells that she knows how to find the Tomb of Athena, and that they won’t be able to find it without her. Starbuck presents Roslin with the Arrow of Apollo, and Roslin tells the guards to pause in their murdering of Sharon, so she can speak with her.

Back on Galactica, they’re trying to find a new CAG to replace Apollo, and Adama’s cracking walnuts with his fingers. Adama names Lt. Birch the new CAG, someone we’ve never seen before. Galactica is a family. And now, for fun, a press conference! Adama announces the fleet has been divided, but everything’s going to be okay. While answering questions, Adama points out that Roslin is no longer president, and he seems to have no plans to reunite the fleet. He also denies the rumor that Earth doesn’t exist, that it was made up.

In Baltar’s lab, he’s reminiscing about his childhood, and also worrying that there are Cylons everywhere. Head Six is there to comfort him, but also suggesting that he lets destiny take its course, as he is different from everyone else.

Aboard the Astral Queen, Roslin is interrogating Sharon. Sharon’s trying to explain that she’s different, and also that she’s got information that no human has ““ she can show them the path to the Tomb. Roslin is relating this to Zarek and company, who are suspicious. Elosha, the priestess, mentions that the scrolls speak of “a lower demon” who is supposed to be helpful. Roslin seems to believe Sharon ““ at least that Sharon thinks that she’s in love with Helo, and that she loves her baby. Roslin wants to use this love to her own ends. Meanwhile, Helo feels horrible about the fact that Sharon was almost killed and is now in a jail cell. Despite the fact that this could all be a Cylon trap, Roslin is committed.

On Galactica ““ or rather, somewhere in space very close to Galactica ““ Birch is leading his first training exercise as CAG. Due to some mixed signals and static, Hotdog nearly shoots Cat out of the sky. Our new CAG is not very good, and Adama was listening in on the radio.

Now Lee’s talking to Sharon on Astral Queen, and almost shoots her, with Starbuck barely stopping him in time. Lee tries to remonstrate Starbuck for going back to Caprica without permission, but seeing as he’s currently leading a revolt of 1/3 of the fleet, he’s on pretty shaky ground.

Zarek and his second-in-command are plotting. They decide to kill Lee on Kobol, because he is standing in the way of their control of the fleet.

More CAG training exercises. Birch is still doing a really bad job.

Astral Queen again, and Starbuck’s playing with a pyramid ball, which Lee takes from her, and then is childish in refusing to give it back to her. What’s being made very clear is that Starbuck has been through some majorly traumatizing shit, and while Lee thinks he’s had it rough, he’s got nothing on her at the moment. Starbuck, being who she is, doesn’t want to talk about it. Lee makes a sweet speech, saying he’s her friend and he loves her, and is there if she wants to talk. Starbuck, deciding to stay on the schoolyard-level antics that Lee started with, gives Lee a hard time for saying he loves her. It’s both adorable and heartbreaking, as is this whole scene.

Even more training, and two ships collide, even after Adama cancels the training exercise. New CAG sucks.

Ooh, now we’re on the surface of Kobol! Creepy music! Lee giving that guy who was plotting to kill him a gun! Elosha reading scriptures, and Sharon completing the sentences! Sharon, it seems, has the entire scroll of Pythia memorized, and shows them where they need to go. The correct path is supposed to be marked by gravestones, and as Elosha stops to examine what certainly looks like a gravestone, she steps on a landmine. Massive explosions, and suddenly, Cylons (the metal kind) are shooting at them. Gunfight! Sharon takes this opportunity to run somewhere. Lee follows, thinking she’s trying to escape, but instead grabs a downed Cylon’s gun and finishes the rest of the toasters off.

Back on Galactica, Adama’s working on his model ship, and waxing philosophical about rage to Dee, who is way out of her pay level here, playing shrink to Adama. She says that Adama must feel powerless, and now he’s let the fleet down. Adama promised to keep the fleet together, and to lead everyone to Earth. Every day that he keeps the fleet separated is a day he’s broken his promise. Adama dismisses Dualla, but being the badass that she is, she stays, and insists that Adama reunite the fleet.

On Kobol, Elosha the priestess is dead, having fulfilled her own prophecy about people dying on Kobol.

On Galactica, the pretty Celtic music indicative of strong emotions starts playing, and Adama announces that he’s putting the fleet, and the family, back together. Smiles all around, most of all from Dee.


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