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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, 2.08: “Final Cut”

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Colonel Tigh sent in Marines to bring back supplies from the Gideon, but instead there was a riot and civilians were killed. Starbuck is not allowed to kill Sharon because she’s carrying Helo’s child, but Sharon doesn’t want their baby born in a prison cell.

In current time, we’ve got a video of what is now being called the Gideon Massacre. (Related: With all their technology, why can these people not produce a non-grainy video?) A reporter named D’Anna is explaining that four civilians were killed and twelve were wounded. We pull back to find that D’Anna is editing this video, and looking to add some footage of “rampaging Marines” ““ it’s clear this is a smear piece against the military (though, based on events under Tigh’s administration, I can’t say I blame them).

D’Anna is summoned to Colonial One, where she meets with recently reinstated President Roslin and Commander Adama. They would like to know where she got the footage of the Gideon Massacre. Adama disputes whether that was an actual massacre, and Roslin announces that D’Anna has been granted unlimited access to the Galactica, something D’Anna’s been requesting for weeks, and has been repeatedly denied. D’Anna says she won’t write a propaganda piece, but Roslin says that all they want is to show the fleet the human side of the military.

In CiC, Ellen calls Tigh, summoning him to their quarters. Someone’s graffitied “from the darkness you must fall” on a mirror.

Credits! You know, there’s kind of a sneak preview of each episode in the credits. I have always pointedly avoided watching or commenting on this. Spoilers, and all.

Post credits, we’ve got what is presumably D’Anna’s film crew taking footage of Commander Adama. Part of me wonders if the “filmed” footage is deliberate so we can better distinguish when D’Anna’s film crew is filming and when they’re not. Adama warns D’Anna that if she shoots anything that compromises the security of the ship or the fleet, it’ll be cut.

Later, Dualla is taking the film crew on a tour of the ship, explaining life support systems ““ the documentarians are less than interested. Meanwhile, Starbuck and Lee are griping about the overtime they’ve been putting in, and the topic turns to Tigh’s death threat. Starbuck is surprised she hasn’t been called in for questioning yet, and Lee replies that once they found out that the line scrawled on Tigh’s mirror was Caprican poetry, it was decided that it was unlikely that Starbuck would be familiar with it. Starbuck replies by reciting the entire poem containing the line graffitied on Tigh’s mirror. Always full of surprises, that one.

I feel obligated to share this with you all.

Dualla’s continuing what might almost be a deliberately boring tour, when two fighter pilots come tearing by, racing after each other in towels. The film crew immediately ignores Dee to follow the half-naked pilots, who head into quarters. We get several lovely seconds of Lee Adama in a towel, before Kat decides to ham it up for the camera and gives a shout-out to her friends by mooning the camera. Whatever, there is Lee Adama in a towel, and the towel is slipping. He kicks the documentary crew out of the officer’s quarters sexily brusquely.

Dee, continuing with the official party line, is being interviewed about why she joined the military. As the interview concludes, Baltar comes up and starts freaking out to Head Six as to why he’s not being interviewed; he’s vice president, why don’t people think he’s important?! Just as Head Six disappears, D’Anna notices him and asks for an interview. See, Gaius? People DO love you! Baltar feigns business, so they schedule an interview for tomorrow.

And now Lee’s getting interviewed, explaining why it’s important that the locker room/sleeping quarters is off limits. Lee thinks his pilots deserve special consideration because they risk their lives every day for the fleet, etc. Meanwhile, Chief Tyrol is checking out Kat’s Viper before she goes out, and notices something leaking. Kat gets up in his face about not fixing her ship properly, while Chief points out that he just saved her life. Turns out this is all in front of the documentary cameras, and Starbuck rushes in to break up the fight. Kat has QUITE the attitude. Starbuck wants to take Kat off of rotation until she gets her head screwed on straight, but Lee says no, they’re too short on pilots.

D’Anna’s now interviewing Private Kelso, one of the Marines responsible for whatever happened on the Gideon. Kelso points out that they were never trained for crowd control, and that the crowd, while civilians, still managed to inflict him with an injury requiring stitches. He blames Tigh for the entire mess, and lets slip that Tigh’s gotten a death threat. An officer quickly ends the interview.

And now the film crew is in CIC, where all is quiet. Adama is apparently sending Tigh to a fleet-wide meeting on Cloud Nine, which Tigh is not pleased about. As Tigh boards a Raptor to head to the meeting, smoke starts pouring from his Raptor, and Tyrol announces that someone took a hammer to a panel that, had it started smoking in space, would have killed everyone inside.

Back in Tigh’s quarters, Ellen’s giving her usual bout of incredibly bad advice. She thinks Bill’s trying to pin all of the recent mistakes on Tigh (which, um, they happened under his command.)

Racetrack is lighting a candle at the memorial wall, and then she goes in for her interview with D’Anna. “First thing they tell you is assume you’re already dead,” she says, which is chilling. Hot Hot Helo is interviewed next, talking about how hard it is to turn off the human part of you. Which, related, Helo goes to check on Sharon and all is not well. She’s bleeding. To keep with the jarring juxtapositions that have marked this episode, we’re now interviewing Gaeta, who is smoking? Stop trying to be cool, Gaeta. We don’t care about your tattoo.

And now we’re interviewing Tigh! And pouring him a drink! D’Anna, no fair! She starts off hitting hard, asking about the death threats, and then about the Gideon. Tigh snaps, breaks his glass, snarls that D’Anna’s trying to set him up, pulls off his mic, and shoves her aside as she attempts to prevent him from leaving. D’Anna’s quite pleased that the cameraman caught Tigh shoving D’Anna on film.

And now we’ve got Starbuck, looking especially badass, going to work on a heavy bag. When asked what she looks for in a recruit, she says she wants someone crazy enough to follow her into combat. (Sign me up.)

D’Anna shows Adama the footage of Tigh shoving her, who apologizes for Tigh’s actions. When asked why there hasn’t been any investigation or punishment for the Gideon Massacre, Adama replies he’s not going to sacrafice the people he’s got left to the court of public outrage.

Kat’s coming in for a landing, and she’s freaking out. She seems super-stressed during her interview as well. It turns out this is the third time she’s missed a landing, and Starbuck comes up to talk her through the landing. Kat lands and has completely lost it as she comes out of her Viper. Starbuck finds a bottle full of stims in her pocket, and Kat is rushed down to sickbay. The camera follows her down there, where Sharon is screaming. Doc Cottle says, quite clearly, “I’m trying to save your baby,” which is caught on film. FRAK.

Adama comes by and demands the tape from D’Anna, refusing to answer her many questions as to why Galactica is harboring a Cylon. After a bit of a confrontation regarding patriotism, D’Anna says she wants this fleet to survive. Adama returns her camera, but keeps the tape that was inside. D’Anna, using a trick I am all too familiar with, has hidden the actual tape in her bra.

Oh, now we’re interviewing Baltar. Gods Baltar, you’re so frakkin’ pompous. He’s going on and on about how he’s now ready to lead. However, before his actual interview starts filming, we’ve got incoming Cylons! We’ve got one camera on the flight deck, one in CIC, and, well, they’re filming Galactica do what she does best. The Vipers take out the Cylons, no casualties. That’s a good day, according to Lee.

Back in Tigh’s quarters, someone’s bound up Ellen and taped her mouth shut. And then Tigh gets hit over the head! D’Anna, reviewing the footage she’s shot, notices that Palladino, one of the Viper pilots in the background of the infamous Lee-Adama-Towel-Dropping-Shot, is reading the book of poetry that happens to be the source of the death threat against Tigh. And indeed, Palladino’s just hit Tigh over the head, and is now pouring booze all over him. He’s haunted by what happened on Gideon, and would like Tigh to pay. Tigh agrees, telling Palladino to shoot him. Palladino can’t do it, and Tigh says that the Gideon was an accident. Shooting him would be a choice. Marines come to take Palladino away, and Ellen is untied and un-taped.

D’Anna is now interviewing Kat, who’s still in sick bay. We morph from Kat explaining that she’s ashamed that she’s let her fellow pilots down to Adama, Tigh, Roslin, etc watching the footage on Colonial One. Tigh thinks it’s a hatchet job, Adama thinks it’s great. The documentary ends with a voiceover by D’Anna, who explains how the crew of Galactica is, in fact, incredibly admirable, for all the obvious reasons ““ they’re working incredibly hard, they’re good people, etc.

As we watch what is clearly the end of the documentary, we zoom out to see the back of three very familiar heads ““ Six, Sharon, and Doral. CYLON MOVIE THEATER. And there’s another person there with them. The cut footage of pregnant Sharon in sick bay is played. Six and not-Sharon are thrilled to see that pregnant Sharon is still alive and pregnant. The other person says that she lost two raiders relaying the images, but they’ve got proof that Sharon is indeed pregnant. We haven’t been able to see this person’s face, but she turns around, and D’ANNA IS A CYLON. D’ANNA IS A CYLON. LUCY LAWLESS D’ANNA IS A CYLON.

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