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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 2.09: “Flight of the Phoenix”

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, we’re back when Gaeta linked all of Galactica’s computers, and the Cylons hacked in; CALLIE SHOT SHARON; Starbuck is not allowed to kill pregnantBoomer; Roslin has breast cancer and a few months to live. In current time, the Chief is talking to a Viper, and the Viper is not feeling well. In the rec room (is it a rec room? It’s where they all play cards and drink and smoke. I’m calling it the rec room), Hot Hot Helo comes in, and while he’s besties with Starbuck, everyone else is not a fan of the “Cylon-lover.” Starbuck defends him, saying Cylons frak with your head. Hotdog agrees, saying the Chief is a perfect example. We go back to Chief Tyrol, who, after sweet-talking the aforementioned Viper, is kind of fondling it (checking for broken parts, most likely), while thinking about Boomer. They’re both machines, get it? Anyway, something’s broken on the Viper, and he slaps a “scrap” sticker on it.

Meanwhile, Callie’s out of the brig! The deck crew have thrown her a party. Chief isn’t happy.  And now, for an awkward moment, Helo and Chief are drinking and talking about Sharon while sitting in her Raptor. Back in the rec room, Racetrack doesn’t want to play cards anymore, and she insults both Starbuck and Helo. Starbuck responds by pushing her, facedown, into a table. BECAUSE SHE IS A TABLE. Back with Helo and Tyrol, Tyrol tells Helo he’s happy that Sharon’s with Helo, otherwise it could be his kid she’s carrying. Helo shoves Tyrol, and the two incredibly attractive men have a knock-down, drag-out fight that ends with Tyrol holding a huge wrench over Helo ““ he easily could have killed him with it. Tyrol announces he doesn’t even know why he’s mad: “That thing in the brig” isn’t Sharon, Sharon’s dead.

In CIC, the communications system is putting out weird signals, which everyone’s worried is Cylon-related. Dee’s console explodes, throwing her across the room, and we’re treated to a view of a fleet of Cylon raiders.

Credits! Credits now? We’re eight and a half minutes in to this episode! Fine, credits. Lull me with your ominous drums.

Seriously though, Cylons. And Dee, who claims she is okay. Gaeta has been ordered to check every line of code to see where this problem came from. Gaeta is, as Gaeta always will be, slightly rebellious at this order. Adama chalks it up to everyone needing a break, as they’ve realized this is what the rest of their lives may be.

On the flight deck, Tyrol explains to Lee that his Viper friend is no longer up for service. Lee tells Tyrol to work harder, and do his best, but nobody’s expecting any miracles. Tyrol thinks that maybe that’s the problem. (My brain: Oh, wait, I know which episode this is now! This is a great one!)

While everyone else is asleep, Tyrol gets to building something. We are going to build a new fighter! In our spare time! It’s frakkin’ impossible! Chief Tyrol doesn’t care. Everyone else can get back to work, he’s going to build himself a Viper.

President Roslin has just gotten some bad news from Doc Cottle: she has weeks left to live, a month at the most.

Starbuck and Lee and Hotdog are in the shooting gallery, being their junior-high-style flirty selves. They discuss Tyrol’s new project, and Starbuck says she’ll fly it. But we have a problem; the oxygen is draining from the room. Starbuck’s giddy (she has the best laugh ever) and Hotdog passes out. Lee realizes the oxygen’s gone, and apparently the door’s sealed shut as well. Nearly unconscious, Starbuck and Lee work together to load a gun and shoot the window of the door out, getting air into the room. In CIC, Balthar has identified the type of virus, and confirmed that it’s Cylon. Adama wants Sharon’s help on this.

On the flight deck, Tyrol can’t lift the wing on his new fighter, so some other deck hands come over to help. Adama watches from above, smiling just a tiny bit. In worse news, they’re experiencing power failures throughout the ship. Tigh and Adama are discussing the Chief’s fighter, and while Tigh wants it shut down, Adama seems supportive.

In the gym, Dee and Lee are sparring/flirting.  Then Billy shows up! Lee looks a bit jealous.

In the brig, Helo’s on the phone with Sharon. He first asks her about the Chief, and if she still loves him. She replies that Helo’s first in her heart, and nothing will change that, but that’s not a “no” either. More importantly, the Cylon “logic bomb”/virus is apparently a huge problem: it can turn the ship against its crew, AND tell the Cylons the ship’s location. Adama comes down to hear this for himself.

On the flight deck, Lee’s pointing out what’s the matter with the new fighter, while Starbuck is working on the wiring, along with a lot of the deck crew. Dee is there too! She’s fixing the comm system. Tigh comes down to inspect/mock the project. He finds Tyrol, who’s apparently been brewing booze to trade for parts around the fleet. Tyrol explains that this project is all he’s got left; it’s the only thing keeping him going. The problem is, he needs an engine and has no way to get one. Tigh mentions that there’s another ship that has old engines they need cleared away, orders Tyrol to do so, and takes a jar of hooch in payment. Oh Saul.

In the Commander’s quarters, President Roslin is packing up her things to leave, when Adama informs her of Galactica’s virus and the impending attack. We don’t think it can be stopped. Except if they follow Gaeta and Baltar’s plan, which involves, as anyone who’s ever dealt with computer problems ever can tell you, turning the whole damn machine on and off again. Except this machine is a ship, with thousands of people on it. Tigh thinks this is a bad idea. Adama’s discussing with Roslin the idea of trusting Sharon, who can apparently offer a solution. They decide to trust Sharon. Sort of. They still bring her up to the brig in chains, though. Sharon takes Dee’s pocket knife, and asks for a fiber optic communications cable. Ooh, I forgot this gets squicky. But first, Cylon raiders! As Galactica scrambles her Vipers, Sharon has cut open her hand, and, um, shoved that cable into her veins. Eugh. The Raiders aren’t attacking, they’re just in formation, and there are hundreds of them. Meanwhile, Galactica’s hard drives are being reformatted. Tigh is yelling about all of this, and Adama puts a gun to Sharon’s head. Sharon, for the record, is either in an orgasmic trance or an incredible amount of pain ““ or possibly both. Suddenly, the lights stop flickering, and Sharon collapses, pulling the cable out of her arm. Outside, the Raiders start tumbling and bumping into each other. It seems Sharon not only removed the virus from Galactica, but she sent it back to the Cylons. The Viper pilots are now free to engage and shoot up the virused Raiders, which, from the Cylon perspective, looks like one hell of a massacre. A drained and bleeding Sharon is taken back to her cell.

Back on the flight deck, the new fighter’s almost done ““ they just need a skin for her, but they can’t get enough metal anywhere. They instead cover her with carbon composite, which means she won’t show up on the radar as well. (Yes, the fighter’s a “she.” All boats are “she” and I think that applies to spaceships too.) Anyway, Starbuck’s about to take her out for a test drive, and we’re apparently calling her the Blackbird. Things are going shaky but well, until Starbuck presses a button and the Blackbird disappears. Lee freaks out, yelling for Starbuck, and everybody on Galactica is listening. After a few tense seconds, Starbuck shows up, nose-to-nose with Lee ““ it’s a stealth ship! And it is quite stealthy.

President Roslin comes down to see the ship, and we’ve got the super-emotional Celtic music playing, so something lovely is about to happen. Everyone who’s worked on the Blackbird signs her, and Roslin talks about how the ship is an act of faith in the future. Tyrol pulls a cloth off the ship’s nose to reveal “Laura” written on it ““ they’ve named the new ship after the president. She’s choked up. (Hell, I’m a little choked up!) It is traditional to christen a ship by breaking a bottle of champagne on it’s bow, so Roslin is presented with a bottle of something. She feints smashing it on the ship, making everyone in the room gasp ““ but she clearly knows better than to actually do so. Oh, Laura.

And everyone’s making up! Racetrack compliments Helo for his suggestion about the covering of the ship, and now everyone’s shaking hands. While the rejoicing continues, Adama and Roslin talk about they wouldn’t be standing here right now if they hadn’t trusted Sharon. Adama says he met her on common ground. They both wanted to live.

The Chief goes down to see Sharon, and they stare at each other for awhile, and then he picks up the phone. We fade to black.

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I am commenting without reading… would you be able to not do “Previously on BSG” before the cut? I didn’t actually get spoiled, but am watching the series for the first time. Glancing through the article… totally did. I think we’re at about the same place in the series, but I am a little behind you, so only minor spoilers.

Thanks! Yeah, everything not behind the cut is stuff I knew, and so I started reading… aaaand this is definitely the next episode that I haven’t seen! I know I’ll be watching pretty slowly since I have so much crafting to do for Christmas, so you’re definitely going to be ahead of me soon :)

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