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LTP 11/10

I bought the first gift of the Christmas season this week – don’t tell my daughter. Tuesday night I went ahead and purchased the rainbow projector that’s been on the deal widget in the sidebar this week. 

Today’s lunchtime poll is this – where are you with your holiday planning and shopping? Have you started thinking about gift-giving, or are you more focused on making it through until Thanksgiving’s four day weekend? Me, I’ve purchased one gift. I have a few more to go!

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I bought a WeWood watch for my s.o. after he shared it on google reader (I will miss the share feature for that alone). He has no idea, and I am hoping he will be out of town when it’s delivered so he won’t find it. My parents are getting a crocheted afghan I am working on, and my brother will get something when I figure it out. I don’t think I can outdo the iPod I got him last year when he was in the hospital.

I so wish my daughter was old enough for the rainbow projector! She’s obsessed with rainbows but at 2 1/2 I don’t think she’s old enough to use it without breaking it. :(

I’ve bought one tiny gift for my sister, and that’s it. Hell, I still haven’t mailed out a couple things from last Christmas. I suck. I think a lot of people are gonna get cross-stitches from me!

Just put the projector up out of her reach! From what I’ve read, it’s really more like a night-light.

If you are in the market for a cool, child-proof night light, I LOVE these animal night lights from cloud b -

my son has a turtle and my daughter has the ladybug

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