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LTP: 11/1/11

Well, hello, eleventh month of the year. You’re looking mighty tasty.

When November rolls around, I think of a few things at once: I finally start to wonder how I’m going to pay for holiday gifts for all the people I want to give them to. I start considering what I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner (and where I’ll be able to go to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since we don’t have a TV and live on the West Coast). And, I get ready to switch my warm weather clothes out for my cold weather clothes if I haven’t already. This last weekend, I finally got myself a new, very warm coat: the first I’ve had in years.

What does November bring to mind for you?

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

5 replies on “LTP: 11/1/11”

Crunchy leaves on the ground.  I buy more squash than I know how to store.  My bright green peacoat comes out of the closet (Year #4 baby!).

Usually, I start to think about my finals and study schedule but this is the last Fall Term I’ll have, ever (WOOHOO!), and there is no final exam so… I’m just going to work on term papers for the next 30 days…

Oh, and I start finding my Thanksgiving dish contribution.  I like to find unique or enhanced-classic dishes so now’s the time to test things out.  Last year it was a butternut squash pie.  This year I’m thinking of bringing back green bean casserole with a bit more flavor than the standard creamy dish.  :)

I love Fall and in my region, November is when we finally start to feel it.  (oh, that reminds me, this is the time of year to find all the gutter issues…)

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