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LTP: 11/11/11

It has often been said that the fastest way to get a roomful of people arguing is to say, “Let’s order pizza!” I have never witnessed actual brawling over pizza toppings, but I have seen normally sensible adults spend an evening pouting because their desire for pineapple was unanimously shot down.

Personally, I love a good cheese pizza, the more types of cheese the better, but when I am feeling fancy, my favorite is meatball, ricotta and bacon. What about you? What is your favorite pizza?

Additional discussion topic – Are pineapples the new anchovies?

By [E]SaraB

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5 replies on “LTP: 11/11/11”

Usually I’m boring and just go for plain, with the very occasional indulgence in pepperoni or sausage. There was a place by my old job that put bacon on pizza, ZOMG, and another one that did spicy salami. I miss them. And while I thought it was weird when the chains first came out with it, chicken on a good New York pizza is delicious! All of the above topped of with ridiculous amounts of parmesan, of course!

(Yes, I am aware there is nary a fruit or veggie to be seen on this list. noregretschicken.gif)

Pineapple is fantastic on pizza, especially if it’s the kind made in a wood-fired oven that gets up there in the 800+ degree range so the pineapple roasts a little and caramelizes the sugar a bit… oh gosh, mouth watering. There’s a reason pineapple and ham on a pizza in a fantastic idea, but it really suffers when it’s done with cheap ingredients (cheap sandwich ham and canned pineapple). One thing my guy and I discovered is a cheese pizza with green pepper, pineapple, garlic, and a little green onion. It’s even better on a take-and-bake so we can make sure it’s not undercooked!

I like mushrooms and black olives on my pizza. OM NOM NOM. The Mister likes pepperoni. So when we order, we usually get pepperoni on half, mushrooms on half, and black olives on either just my half or the whole thing, depending on his mood.

Every once in a while, we’ll branch out for something different, like a white pizza with sliced tomatoes (NO ONIONS!) or a three cheese steak pizza or a chicken finger* pizza. There was this place near my parents’ house that doesn’t exist anymore that used to put blue cheese instead of red sauce and little bits of celery under the mozzarella on its chicken finger pizza. It was amaaaaaazing.

*You would probably recognize this as “Buffalo chicken.”

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