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LTP: 11/15

It’s midway through the freakin’ month of November. It’s the Ides of November, if you will. And I’m just realizing that my current lease is up in about 45 days and I do not want to stay in this (shitty) apartment anymore. So, I’ve got to move.

But moving is stressful. It makes me whiny. I spend too much time looking at crime reports and sex offender registries, all of which make me paranoid. I inevitably lose and break things I care about when I move. And we’ve got a dog who is bound to go crazy when we move. None of this litany of reasons I hate moving even begins to take into account the expense of moving (moving truck, boxes, deposit on new place, pay for pet damages at old place, and so forth) nor the emotional turmoil that happens any time you move your home, yet again.

So today’s lunchtime poll is this: when was the last time you moved? If you had to move anywhere now, where would you go?

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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I’ve moved too many times in the last few years!  (Thanks, law school!)  My most recent move was in May to my current apartment right between Wrigleyville and Boystown in Chicago, IL.  It is a weird neighborhood, between all the biggest gay bars and all the biggest sports bars.  On any random night will you see a Jersey Shore extra or a Real-Live Furry With a Raccoon Tail?  I don’t know, anything can happen, but it is guaranteed that someone will pee in the alley below my window before the night is done!  (I have seen way too much male genitalia over the course of the last summer.)  Needless to say, I am ready to leave.  I will be moving home, to northern Indiana, to study for the bar exam and then hopefully move somewhere for a real job where I can stay for a while!

Ugh- you have my deepest sympathies for moving. During my master’s degree I was super transient, I moved four times in the space of about two years (the last time was to Toronto, to my PhD program and my current apartment) so I am taking the opportunity to not move at all in the next four years unless one of two things happens: a) My partner/boyfriend/person moves here and we need more than 200 sq ft of space or b) there is some sort of flood in my basement suite. Also, the affordable housing vacancy rate is currently 1.4% in Toronto, I have friends who want to move in the next few months who have already started looking.

One good thing about moving all the freaking time when I was living in Tallahassee: my stuff was super pared down. I had 5 boxes of books, two suitcases of clothes, a bed, a desk, and a rubbermaid of kitchen stuff like pots and pans.

Yes, I remember my more transient years being excellent for keeping the Junk Factor down. I am now living with a man who believes Every Loose Cord Might Come in Handy, and that mindset expands to the rest of his stuff, too. He figures HIS stuff alone isn’t THAT much stuff (just an apartment’s worth) and that he already cleared some of it out last time we moved (like, Boy Scouts paraphernalia, come on now, he’s 28 years old) so he shouldn’t have to get rid of anything else. Ever.

Don’t tell him I’ve been subtly, piece-by-piece, slowly, getting rid of his dead useless low-quality redundant kitchen supplies when he isn’t looking.

Moving is the worst. I just moved into the apartment that my ex and I were supposed to be living in together in July and it was not fun.  My former apartment was on the 4th floor of an old building with tons of doors and a tiny elevator with a sliding gate.  I would love to move in theory because this apartment is more expensive than I’d like and it’s cold, but I can’t bring myself to do it all again so soon!  If I could move absolutely anywhere, I would go to Corsica (I know that’s probably a very odd answer).

Good luck with your move!  I hope 45 days is plenty of time to find a lovely new home :).

Corsica is a kick-ass island on the Mediterranean with a temperate climate, gorgeous mountains, picturesque seascapes, and it’s close to both Europe and North Africa. It is also not heavily populated, which to me, is attractive.  The culture (including the language) is kind of a blend of Italian and French, with a rich history.  Also, food is big deal there.  It’s the kind of place that makes me think my blood pressure would be lower just being there versus here with all other variables staying the same.  I have no idea if this makes sense :).

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