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LTP 11/4/11: Daylight Savings Time

This weekend is when we end Daylight Savings Time and “fall back.” I am not looking forward to it. I lived in Indianapolis for eleven years, back before they caved and started springing forward and falling back with the rest of the country. I really got used to the clock staying the same all year long, and when I moved down south and had to start changing it again I got pissed.I know there are actual reasons for it, and lots of statistics about how it may or may not help save energy, but from my perspective it is stupid, arbitrary and makes my life miserable for at least two weeks every year.  I have been known to fly into a blue rage when the time change enters a conversation.

So what about you? Yea or nay to Daylight Savings Time?

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5 replies on “LTP 11/4/11: Daylight Savings Time”

I hate that it’s going to be dark so early in a few days. And I just realized that I forgot to gradually adjust my daughter’s bedtime this week, so instead of an extra hour’s sleep Sunday morning she’s gonna be up at 5:30. NOOOOO!

I was always amused/infuriated when employees tried to use daylight savings as an excuse for coming in late. In the spring, absolutely. In the fall, no. If you had forgotten to change your clock you would have been here an hour early. What you really are is two hours late but getting away with only one! Brats.

I hate daylight savings. HATE. I hate losing light in the evening faster because of it. It makes me feel like I have to get into bed directly after work, which is never a good thing. I always get depressed around the fall back time because I need that last slice of light in the afternoon. What’s wrong with following the natural change of the seasons anyway?

I’m a huge supported of “falling back,” not so much “springing forward.” We fell back last weekend, along with many other places that aren’t North America and I love not having to wake up in the dark any more. Okay, so it’s starting to get dark as I type this and it’s only 5:15, but I can deal with earlier darkness in the evenings, but not so much with having to leave for work when it’s still dark. We’ll get to that point soon enough, but I’m happy we’re not there yet.

I’m the opposite – I grew up with Daylight Savings, and was very used to that one Sunday in October when about a third of the congregation would be late for church. Then I moved to Saskatchewan (where they don’t have DST) for school and got used to being one hour ahead of my family for half the year, and two hours ahead for the other half.
I like the “fall back” part of DST because then I get to sleep a little bit longer, so I’m not much a fan of the “spring forward” part. I guess we can’t just keep “falling back” though, ha.

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