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Lunchtime Poll: 11/16/11

Today I’m thinking about Thanksgiving food, because Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday AND it has all of my favorite foods. Well, usually it does.

By the time I turned 14 my mom had declared that she was tired of having the same meal twice in a month for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She started trying to modify things – a different stuffing recipe one year, a new cranberry sauce the next. This caused nothing but outrage among us younger members of the family who had positive memories around the specific foods we always ate at Thanksgiving. We were Thanksgiving traditionalists.

I still am, but in the 11 years I have been a more-or-less independent adult not living with my parents, I have only spent three Thanksgivings with them. This means experiencing other families’ traditional Thanksgiving foods, which aside from turkey, were never the same as my own family’s. And now, I think that I am no longer a Thanksgiving traditionalist. I can handle sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin pie, although God help us all if you try to put orange in my cranberry sauce. I don’t know if that’s something that comes with age, though, and that’s why today’s LTP is:

Are you a Thanksgiving traditionalist or do you like to try a different recipe or foods every year?

For our readers who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, substitute in your own favorite food-centric holiday or celebration.

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I think I said this last year, but I was seriously a teenager before I realized that not everyone has lasagna on Christmas. It was only then that Dickens’ Christmas goose made sense.

We have pretty much the same things every year, although our Christmas menus are definitely different than what a lot of other families might have. But there are vary rarely changes. The one year my aunt made homemade cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving, and there was nearly a riot because it wasn’t can-shaped gelatinous goo.

I make the same things every year, because they’re so good I’m terrified of trying something new and screwing it up! I’m slightly freaking this year because I’ve always gotten a brined turkey from Trader Joe’s and since we moved the closest one is like 40 miles away in Jersey. I could get a free turkey at my grocery store and try to brine it myself, but that makes me nervous. I always make minor adjustments to the stuffing, mostly because I forget every year exactly how I did it the year before. But it’s always cornbread stuffing with apples and walnuts and a ton of butter and chicken stock. Yum!

I’m definitely a Thanksgiving traditionalist. I gotta have my turkey and butternut squash and cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce is really the big one there. And thankfully it’s easy enough to buy a can of Ocean Spray that I never have to go without it. My family mixes things up by always doing a different meal for Christmas, since there are fewer traditional foods associated with that holiday.

Last year was actually my boyfriend’s first Thanksgiving with my family and he liked my mom’s stuffing so much that he asked me to make it for his family Thanksgiving this year. I’m just hoping I can do her recipe justice.

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