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Lunchtime Poll: 11/2/11

I am using today’s LTP to have you all help me with something at which I know many of you are great. My issue today: nail polish. I have no idea what the good fall colors are, and I want you to tell me what you’re wearing this fall and winter.

I’ve got spring and summer colors on lock. Give me all of the peach and pink nail polishes you have. But fall and winter? Red? Purple? Black seems popular, but I don’t know if I can pull it off. I see women wearing grayish colors all the time and that looks nice, but what are the good ones?  You stylish ladies need to fill me in on your favorite cold-weather nail colors!

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Foliage colors! I can’t wear the matte grays that are popular this year, but I love a good gold, bronze, brownish-orange, or brownish-red. Deep purples and greens are also really pretty if you can pull them off. Closer to the holidays, I love sparkly reds and silvers. I just ordered the entire Zoya Gems & Jewels collection and I’m dying for them to get here so I can try them out!

The new Muppets OPI line is amazing. There is a Fozzie Bear sparkly brownish bronze that I am coveting, and the glitters are to die for. One the cheaper front, Wet n Wild has a limited edition glitter line at drugstores that provide way better coverage than most glitters. I like to choose a neutral base and slap some glitter on top. Sally Hansen has some really good fall colors, too. Also! There is a website called Head 2 Toe Beauty that has China Glaze polishes for $3!!!! I have a nail polish problem. I cannot go to the store without buying at least one. It is beyond ridiculous.

I like rich browns and orange-red or deep reds (actually I wear these year-round but they seem especially appropriate for fall). My two favorites are Carolyn New York’s “Mulberry Street” and Sephora by OPI “Fiercely Fabulous.”

I also really like the idea of teals or true greens and blues (maybe a dark blue, almost navy to contrast with all the orange/red colors in fall) but I don’t have any specific colors to recommend.

I found a fun green from Rimmel at my Walgreens.  Very cheap.  It has some shimmer but it’s not VIBRANT green, it’s almost mossy.  Sooooo Pretty.

I also got a matte gray from NYC (I like $2 polish).  I plan to pair them after I finally remove the black polish I had for Halloween.

This winter it will be matte dark plum and Sally Hanson Glitter (the glitter has small, med and large pieces!).  I may do white as well.  I love white polish.

You could still use dark red for fall.  It’s festive.  Maybe pair it with orange for some stripping action?  There are nail polish tumblrs (yah!) that do tutorials.  Those are fun.  :)

I usually go for dark purples, burgundies, reds, and browns.  I’m too fair to pull off a straight-up black, but I do like darker colors in the fall and winter.  I will sometimes go bright red or a lighter grayish-purple when I feel the need for a little more color.

I’m loving dark greys and muted greens at the moment. OPI’s French Quarter for your Thoughts and essie’s Sew Psyched are my two faves of that. OPI Skull and Glossbones is a nice lighter gray, too. OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark is a nice, dark purple that’s really good for Fall/Winter and one of my staples. I’m coveting the essie Cocktail Bling Winter Collection, but haven’t seen it out yet:

I’m looking for a really nice teal, too, which I think is a nice pop of color for Fall/Winter. I have OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, but it seems too… I’m not sure what… maybe too deep? Anyone have suggestions?

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