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Lunchtime Poll: 11/23

Sweet potato casserole, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m going to be predictable for today’s LTP and hit it up Thanksgiving-style.What’s one (or more) tradition you have at Thanksgiving that is unique to your family?  My family members are a big fan of some gambling. The bet? Is how long into the holiday before a certain family member will bring up That One Thing they always bring up. Sometimes it’s a drinking game!

So how about you all? Why is this day unique in your home?

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I never knew there were variations on stuffing until I went to T-days at the inlaws. For Thanksgiving at my parents house, there are a few things that make it “ours” (theirs? the collective ours?)

1) Sausage and sage stuffing. I could soak in a bathtub of this and not tire of it.

2) The tossing of the carcass. My parents’ house backs up to woods, so instead of throwing meat scraps in the trash (where raccoons rummage) they toss such things into the woods directly. The tossing of the turkey carcass, the part not needed for soup, has become a ceremonial tradition that’s kind of hilarious.

3)A picture under “the picture”. About twenty years ago, we realized there’s a water color hanging in their dining room that’s the back drop for 90% of holiday photos (accidentally). Now we take pictures in front of it on purpose.

Several years in a row my Dad and sister and I watched Animal House on Tgiving. I don’t know why or how that got started. My mom always make my favorite dip and my dad and uncle and I chat about stuff (or I listen to them chat about old cars and point at things in Hemmings magazine) and my aunt and cousin help in the kitchen or go back and forth while my mom and sister do their cooking thing. I’m not even invited to help cook. Maybe because when I lived alone I lost two pants sizes and they take that as an indication that I’m not good at nourishing people? (But it was a poverty thing, not a cooking thing! They just won’t believe me.)

My mother-in-law always makes matzoh ball soup and we pick up cannolis and Italian pastries for dessert since we all like different kinds of pie and that keeps us from arguing. If my husband’s brother and his family visit the rest of us try to hide from his wife since she annoys the crap out of us, and then we spend the next few days bitching about all the obnoxious stuff she did.

My dad didn’t realize he’d done this every year until I complained that we didn’t do it one year: doughnuts for breakfast. Usually maple bars. It’s kind of a perfect, zero-effort way to start the day’s eating without dirtying any dishes, so those of us cooking up a storm in the kitchen can do so in peace.

This will be the first time in several years that I’ll be with my family instead of the Mister’s family for Thanksgiving. I’m pretty excited about it. (At least the drama is familiar drama and I’m not an uncomfortable observer to it. We haven’t been married long enough for me to be able to dive right in or comment snarkily in the moment.)

Generally, we’ll stuff ourselves full of pie, then the cousins will play some sort of board game. Monopoly has been retired because of a certain quiet, unassuming cousin’s secret cutthroat nature, and Scattergories has been retired because I won every game for like three years running. Also, my brother and I are not allowed to be on the same team for $10,000 Pyramid-type word association games because we massacre everyone else with our ridiculous treasure trove of in-jokes and childhood references. (In one memorable round, I said “San Antonio,” he correctly guessed “prune juice,” and everyone else quit right then and there.)

Good times, good times.

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