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Lunchtime Poll – 11/9

I was inspired by our Morbid Curiosity food post yesterday about the surprisingly delicious tomato soup cake to think of other foods I eat that might sound like they wouldn’t be as good as they are. And I want to tell me yours in today’s LTP.

The only thing I could think of that I find delicious that I have heard a few other people say they don’t think would be is a peanut butter marshmallow sandwich.  It’s a sandwich I thought my mom had invented and didn’t know that other people made until I was at least 13.  It’s peanut butter with marshmallows and it’s fried like a grilled cheese.  It’s possibly my number one comfort food, but when I have told other people about it they either agree that it sounds delicious, or they think it sounds gross. (This is a fluffernutter. It is the best sandwich ever. ~ed.)

So what about you? Have you made anything that you thought might not be good but turned out tasty? Or do you make something that others have said didn’t sound good? Recipes in the comments!

By Luci Furious

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