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Never Mind the Neilsens: Final Four Announced

This is no country for old broads, Persephoneers. You like your badasses young. 

Next week, we’ll have one poll, on Monday, which will be open all week. That poll will determine the two badasses who will move on to the finals, which will be the week after next.

The Baddest Supporting Badass in Drama is Willow, who soundly defeated Kaylee.

The Baddest Supporting Badass in Comedy is Jane Lane, who breezed past Karen Walker.

The Baddest Leading Badass in Drama is the one, the only Buffy, who pretty much trounced Zoe.

The Baddest Leading Badass in Comedy is Leslie Knope, who beat Daria by 6 votes.


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22 replies on “Never Mind the Neilsens: Final Four Announced”

I think it’s going to come down to Leslie Knope and Buffy, with Leslie taking it all.  I’m pretty happy about that. I would have liked to see some 80s pioneer ladies make it to the finals at least, with the EXCEPTION of the GDGG who are overhyped.  I can live with this.  Although choosing between Leslie and Buffy will be tough.  Realistic badass vs complete fantasy badass?

Ugh. As an adolecent I only saw a couple of episodes of Buffy and thought it was corny as all get out and couldn’t continue (this coming from someone who loved The Craft, so…). Now I feel like I’m missing something, because really, I can’t imagine ANY character being more badass than Zoe.

If you’ve only seen a couple episodes of Buffy, that’s why! (Especially if they were from the first season.) Willow changes and grows a lot throughout the seven seasons, and she has some super bad-ass moments in the later seasons, especially. She’s fierce and loyal and smart, and I love that she’s also flawed despite all her awesomeness. I hadn’t seen the show at all until I marathoned it on Netflix last year, and I loved it – and the corniness eventually goes away as the show gets more complex and a bit darker.

I get it – but Leslie really is awesome.  I had a terrible time choosing between her and Daria, but Leslie is real, flawed, earnest, and smart.  To me, Amy Poehler’s character wins at exactly every point that Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock loses.  (I cannot watch 30 Rock.)

Honestly, the initial voting was ok for me, but as things narrowed down, I hated pitting these amazing women against each other.  Also, I thought there should be separate categories and multiple winners.  (Miss Piggy should win something.  She was my first feminist icon.)

I’m sure she is awesome.  But can she possibly be better than ALL the Goddamn Golden Girls?  I can’t believe it.  I’m not convinced she’s better than Daria (but then, Daria was my hero when I was 15, so there may be some nostalgia speaking here) but y’know, I’ll accept it’s possible since I haven’t seen Parks & Rec.  But I absolutely cannot accept that anyone – besides Buffy, if it had come down to that – can be more badass than all the GDGG put together.

You’re right that the Golden Girls were kind of awesome – they’re even great when rewatching.  But there are no halos over their heads for me.  I think Leslie can hold her own with any of them – though Blanche and Dorothy would certainly give her a run for her money.

I don’t enjoy pitting these awesome women against each other though.  I’ll be fine with whoever wins.

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