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Parenthood 3.06: Forced Family Fun

Hooray! It’s November, which means it’s sweeps month and a new episode of Parenthood.

This week was full of all of my favorite characters and just about all of the plot lines got screen time this week.

A quick recap:

Kristina & Adam: Kristina is becoming unraveled as her family becomes more disconnected. Adam’s busy with the studio, Haddie’s a senior in high school, and Max is, well, Max. Kristina is the sole caregiver of Nora and she sees her family going in seven different directions. She ends up leaving her crew in the middle of the street as she drives off in the minivan after a failed attempt at family fun night. She needs to get out more.

Adam gets pulled into Sarah’s life, and Crosby’s as well. Because starting a new business and having a family of his own isn’t enough.

Julia & Joel: Julia finds Zoe, the expectant mother, gnawing on sushi, which concerns her control-freak self. After an awkward exchange, where Julia comes off as a control freak, Joel helps Julia figure out what to do next. She and Zoe are doing a delicate dance, but they are both still dancing.

Sarah : At the beginning of the episode, we find Sarah visiting Seth in rehab. Apparently, she’s been going to see him everyday. Zeke gets involved, pisses Sarah off and then involves Adam on his behalf. ¬†She puts off Mark, her love interest,who is beginning to wonder where he stands. Seth’s counseling session, one he asks Sarah to attend, fills in some blanks in their story. Sarah first asked Seth to go to rehab twelve years ago, she laments to Julia over a glass of wine.

Crosby: Crosby walks into Jasmine’s house and is met by Dr. Hot Joe. Awkward. Um, Jasmine, you can’t sleep with your son’s pediatrician. Crosby is upset by Dr. Joe for several reasons, ranging from the feelings of inadequacy he induces to the fear of being replaced in Jaber’s life. The good news here? He didn’t go out to the bar and bring a girl home. Not yet, anyway.

At the end of the episode, I was left to wonder how Julia & Zoe will proceed, how Sarah’s going to get through Seth’s rehab, and if Crosby is actually growing up some.

What did you think?

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