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Parenthood 3.08: “Sore Loser”

Tonight’s episode was actually all about parenting. This means that we got big doses of a few of the Braverman grandkids. We also got to see Adam go out a little further on a limb, in a way that he hasn’t before.

Max ““ Sweet Max is in a school club called Math Warriors, and he thinks his fellow warriors are friends amazed at his math prowess. Kristina starts watching his interactions, and realizes that his classmates are laughing at him rather than with him.

Sydney ““  At Braveman family charade night, Sydney storms out after being corrected. Zeke points out to Julia and Joel that Syd is a spoil sport. When they put Zeke’s accusation to the test, it turns out he’s right. After losing a game of tic tac toe, Sydney throws a tantrum, complete with hitting Joel and screaming,”I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”

Drew ““ We first see a blissful Drew hanging out with Amy, but then Sarah gets a notice that he’s getting a D in math. Sarah comes down hard on him, which just motivates Drew to sneak out.

Our favorite man-child Crosby is making puppy dog eyes at Rachel, their assistant at the studio. Adam appears to be a little uncomfortable but a little flirty with the their young employee, and you get the feeling that trouble’s around the corner.

Because it’s television, and things need to wrap up neatly by the top of the hour, all the Braverman kids straighten up quickly.

Kristina and Adam realize that Max is being made fun of, and Kristina goes mama bear on the instigator. She and Adam have a good teamwork moment as he drives the swagger wagon away from the school lawn after she lets the kid have it.

Julia and Joel tough it out with Sydney, and when Julia laments that they’ve ruined Sydney, Joel reminds her that they’ll get a second chance with a the new baby they’ll soon adopt. It’s kind of hilarious, and when they open the door and melt at the sight of their sleeping hellion, you’re reminded why you watch this show in the first place. Because it’s television, the next day when Syd loses in chess to Zeke, she offers him a handshake (most effective time-out ever!).

Sarah takes some gentle advice from Mark. It comes in handy to have a high school teacher for a boyfriend when you’re parenting a teen. She makes peace with Drew, with a dose of humility and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

The episode wraps up alarmingly–after calling Adam to the studio, Crosby and Rachel enjoy some libations when it starts to storm. Being the dad that he is, Adam insists on driving Rachel home and even walks her to the door. And that’s when they kiss.



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