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Parenthood 3.10: Mr. Honesty

Parenthood on NBC did not go with a Thanksgiving theme this week–instead, story lines took twists and turns all over the place

Julia and Joel: The episode opens with Zoe waiting for her boyfriend, Troy, to have breakfast with Julia and Joel. When it’s obvious that Troy’s not coming, Zoe says, “We both want you to have the baby. He’ll sign the papers. Don’t worry about that.” (They are clearly worried.) Joel looks up Troy on Facebook, talks to him while he’s on the job at the grocery store and makes a steak dinner at his request. Over dinner, Troy lays out his objective. He’d like for them to pay more money for the baby. You can see Julia and Joel’s dream of adoption shattering into a thousand little pieces.

Adam and Kristina: Last week, Adam kissed the Luncheonette’s receptionist, Rachel. This week, he tells Kristina about Rachel, lies about firing her and then gets caught when Kristina calls the office (duh, Adam).

Amber: We see a different side of Amber this week. Instead of the independent grown up, we see the stressed out Amber scrounging for rent money. It appears to suddenly occur to Amber that she doesn’t have a plan, a budget, or a purpose in life. Camille helps Amber out in the short term with a loan, Sarah is incredibly calm as Amber admits that she has no plan. I knew her lack of storyline couldn’t go on forever.

Crosby/Jasmine/Jabbar: We get to see some sweet interactions between Crosby’s little trio tonight. Jabbar innocently asks,”When are you guys getting married?” and neither Jasmine nor Crosby knew what to say. Jasmine and Crosby discuss how to handle it and sit Jabbar down for a discussion. Later, talking to Zeke, Crosby shares that he now realizes that messing up with Jasmine then ruined Jabbar’s chance of having a “normal” family life. Zeke gives Crosby an incredible pep talk and compliments him on being a good father. The episode winds down with Crosby going to deliver a bear to Jabbar, but he finds Jasmine at home alone. She invites him in for a glass of wine, and they end up having sexy times.

It was a busy hour, and now I’m left with questions. Are Crosby and Jasmine getting back together again? Will Kristina let Adam out of the dog house? What will Amber do with her self?

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