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Parenthood 3.11: Missing

What’s better than announcing to your family that you’re starring in an erectile dysfunction commercial? Gathering your family to watch your television debut! Tonight’s fun Braverman moment was brought to you by Zeke’s ED commercial, because the rest of the episode got heavy fast.

Jasmine wakes up next to Crosby.

Julia has to say goodbye to Zoe, and the child she’s carrying, because her boyfriend wants them to pay money above and beyond expenses allowed by the state of California.

Jaber sprains his wrist.

Kristina is keeping Adam in the doghouse, and gets called into work on a Saturday.

This where is gets heavy.

Adam is working, Kristina is working and Hattie is left in charge of Max. Hattie is a senior in high school and studying. While she studies, Max hashes out a plan to take the bus to the museum, the museum his parents were supposed to take him to this afternoon.

When Hattie takes a study break, Max is gone.

Hattie makes the phone call no sibling wants to make, Adam makes the drive and the phone calls no parent wants to make. Kristina has the experience that every parent fears–missing an important child-related call–when she puts her phone on silent during a meeting.

Max is found and brought home in a squad car. He’s focused on feeding his lizard and doesn’t stop to explain himself to his family. Hattie unleashes, frustrated that he has no reaction to the fear and worry he’s caused.

After that climax, the rest of the story lines wrap up quickly.

Dr. Joe leaves a football game to fix Jabar’s wrist and scores points with Crosby.

Kristina and Adam make up and take the kids to the museum.

Sarah smiles a mischievous smile when Mark blurts out that he could totally see having a baby with her (they watched Nora during the day’s events).

Zoe knocks on Julia’s door, not sure where things are going with her boyfriend or her baby, and Julia welcomes her in.

Will Jasmine spill the beans to Dr. Joe? Will Zoe and Julia become friends with the baby out of the equation? Will Kristina and Adam figure out how to balance their careers and their kids?

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