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Parenthood Recap: 3.07 “In-Between”

This week on Parenthood, Crosby & Adam hire a cute secretary, officially open the Luncheonette and manage to find time to manage their personal lives as well.

Seth gets out of rehab, and for lack of a better option, he stays at Amber’s loft for awhile. He and Sarah are growing closer, and at one point, he kisses her. Unlike last week’s episode, it’s not her brother or her dad who voice their concern about the relationship this time. Amber takes it into her own hands and tells Seth that Sarah’s been doing really well without him. Seth takes the hint, and graciously exits toward the end of the episode. This is good, because teacher Mark makes a good splash at the opening party, and he appears to be around for the long haul.

Crosby is still hopping mad about Dr. Joe dating Jasmine, and more importantly, developing a relationship with Jaber. To his credit, Crosby talks to the good doctor, and tells him that he is stepping on his toes as Jaber’s dad. Jasmine makes it to the opening and has kind words for Crosby. Could they be reaching some kind of balance in their relationship?

Adam & Kristina are working through business ownership and having a newborn. After Kristina starts leaking breast milk at the party, Adam whispers sweet nothings to her like a man who’s been married for twenty years and still loves his wife. He’s a smart man, because the next morning, Kristina is ready for the sexy times.

The episode closes with Amber finding an envelope from Seth on her kitchen table. There’s one for her, and one for Drew, and it’s a collection of birthday cards for, as Seth puts it, “all the ones I missed.” Oh Seth. It’s a case of too little too late, but I think you just melted a small part of the ice around Amber’s heart.

What do you think’s going to happen with the cute secretary? Dr. Joe and Crosby? Mark and Sarah? Will we see Julia and Zoe next week? Do you think Seth is gone for good?

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