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Persephone Lounge Can’t Even Handle Us Right Now

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope your week hasn’t been too stressful. Come on in, pull up a comfy seat, grab your favorite drink (a nice hot one if it’s freezing where you are like it is here), and tell us the awesome things happening in your life!

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My older kids are school, my baby is sleeping, I am drinking a cup of decaf (ugh, but nursing and don’t want an insane baby) reading Persephone, and my husband is bleaching the grout in the kitchen floor. Life is good. Contemplating a novel or at least a short story. I have one character interaction and beyond that? Nothing. Searching for inspiration and I think I have found it here! Thanks, P-Mag. P-Mag. I just like saying it. P-Mag.

I’m officially an attorney now (though still hunting for more than part time employment), bar ID number and everything. Which is weird. Also I’m making really good progress in my NaNoWriMo writing. I’m at 20,000 words, or thereabouts, and I wrote several scenes I’m actually proud of. And my boyfriend, even though we’re long distance right now, FINALLY got an apartment in the place where he is working (instead of staying at a long term stay hotel) so I’m super excited to make it feel homey and, well, not stay in a Residence Inn when I’m visiting him anymore. All of these things are awesome.

Congrats on becoming a for realz, certified lawyer! Does it feel like you’ve arrived a bit, or are you still looking down the road to your career?

When I read that your beloved has been staying in a long term stay hotel, my initial inclination was envy. But then I realized that he must have lived in a world of perpetual tiny soaps and plastic-wrapped cups by the sink, and if that is not some level of hell, then I do not know what is.



Oh, still totally looking down the road, at least until I can find full time employment. I’m learning a lot with this part time job, but, well, it doesn’t pay the bills!

Haha, I think I’m the odd one out with this kind of stuff–people seem to love hotels but it makes me SO uncomfortable to think of someone making my bed and picking up after me. :(

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