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Recap: Fringe, Episode 4.07, “Wallflower”

Fall finale! I don’t love that I’m going to have to wait and wait for a new episode, but this one should be good.

Olivia goes to her medicine cabinet. She shakes a prescription pill bottle, but it’s empty. She heads into what must be an all-night pharmacy, and the pharmacist tells her this is her last refill. She was hoping she wouldn’t need the pills anymore.

Passing a diner, she spots Lincoln sitting at the counter and heads in. She says she was trying to walk off a migraine. Lincoln invites her to join him for a cup of coffee. Once they’re settled in a booth, he admits he hasn’t slept since he moved (moved? So I guess he is an official team member). His previous “blissful ignorance” helped him sleep at night. Olivia assures him soon this will just become his everyday life.

Beacon Hill, MA. A man named Jack is on his way home to his wife Meg. He thinks he’s being followed. Meg insists on calling the police. She calls back to tell him they’re on the way. He thinks it’s okay because he’s made it to the front door of the building, but then he’s attacked by someone.

The cops arrive to find Jack in the foyer, dead and white. Well he was already white, but now he’s really white. The air ripples as the cop senses someone nearby. He fires his gun, but there seems to be no one there. He nearly shoots Meg, who comes out into the hall only to find her husband, dead. When you hear gunfire, it’s probably not a good idea to go out and see what’s up.

After the credits, Peter is shopping, accompanied by Agent Tim. Broyles has given him a $200 weekly allowance. Peter attempts to help a kid get something off a high shelf, but Tim stops him. He’s been instructed to “limit his interaction with civilians.”

Lincoln, Astrid, Olivia and Broyles show up at Jack’s building the next morning. The cop is claiming he overreacted, but Olivia and Lincoln get him to talk. He says he definitely “felt something,” even if it looked like no one was there.

Astrid tells Walter, who’s talking with a mouth full of onion rings, that Jack’s neck is broken. Walter says it could’ve been a post-mortem injury. He thinks maybe Jack is pure white because he was literally scared to death, and accuses Astrid of having no imagination because she’s skeptical.

Olivia asks Astrid if all the Fringe stuff gets to her. Astrid says if she weren’t seeing an FBI shrink, she would’ve lost it by now. Olivia wonders if she’s abnormal for not talking to anyone. I’d think that sort of thing would be mandatory. Anyway, Lincoln has found a blood sample left by the invisible man.

In some kind of mad scientist lab (there’s bubbling vats and everything), a man sits up in a tub of murky green liquid. He seems to surprised to have hands.

In an office building, the man waits for an elevator. He gets on at 14, joining a solitary woman. Another man gets on and he and the woman chat. They get off the elevator. The first man watches himself vanish in the mirrored elevator panel.

At the Harvard lab, Astrid has learned Jack wasn’t the first victim. Apparently, the cops assumed they were dealing with albinos. She’s has no luck with international databases, and has moved on to searching hospitals. Walter has found a substance in Jack’s body that creatures like octopi use to blend with their surroundings. He notes that some cultures call albinos a word that means “ghost.” Astrid reports that the blood from the scene belongs to a baby born in 1989 who only lived for a few days.

Parkview Hospital, Mt. Vernon, NY. Olivia goes through the files on Baby Boy Bryant while Lincoln kindly brings her a cup of water so she can take her migraine pills. The baby had a genetic abnormality and was examined by a team of doctors, including a Dr. Teresa Jaffey.

They find Dr. Jaffey in the hospital cafeteria. She remembers that light burned the baby’s skin. She says she thought she heard him cry when he was being taken away after being declared dead. The body was taken for autopsy by private insurance company Cyprox, Incorporated. Olivia recognizes it as the company that handles her mother’s medical bills. Turns out Cyprox was a subsidiary of the company that became Massive Dynamic.

So off they go to Nina, who confirms that the baby, who would have died within days anyway, was indeed experimented on. Apparently there’s no line these people won’t cross. The boy, dubbed Eugene, was injected with chromatophores which gave him the ability to blend in like a chameleon, but also kept him from dying. Olivia wonders if maybe it would’ve been better if he had died. Well, it would have been better for Jack, at least. Nina claims she only learned about Eugene while going through files years after he was presumed to have died in a fire.

Elsewhere, the woman from the elevator enters her apartment, an invisible Eugene slipping in behind her. Great, an invisible stalker. The woman takes her hair down, turns on music and pours a glass of wine. Eugene takes her hairpin when she’s not looking. She goes in search of her cat, and drops her glass when she sees the mess on her bed (not that kind of mess) and realizes someone’s been in her place. She goes into the living room, finds the front door open, and closes it. And then, hopefully, calls the damn police.

At his new temporary home, Peter’s getting to work on figuring out the bridge device. Lincoln delivers some materials Peter requested from Broyles. Peter is hoping the machine can “snap him back” to where he belongs. Olivia comes up in conversation, and Lincoln asks if she and Peter were together. Peter says, “Yeah, we are.” He’s convinced Lincoln’s Olivia isn’t his Olivia, but I AM NOT. Anyway, Lincoln gets a call to meet Walter at the lab, so we trade one kind of awkward for another.

At the lab, Walter has an octopus in a tank. He paid $818 for it, which Astrid is sure Broyles is not going to be happy about. Olivia wonders if Eugene is killing people for their pigment. Walter likes the idea, but says Eugene is going to need a lot more victims to make himself visible.

Cut to Eugene claiming another victim in a parking garage. At the lab, Walter says “chameleon man” is dying. By trying to reverse what was done to him, he’s also making himself vulnerable to the condition that would’ve killed him as a baby. Walter shows Olivia and Lincoln how a UV light will render Eugene visible long enough for them to bring him in. Then Astrid gets a call from Broyles about the latest murder.

Olivia, Lincoln and Broyles arrive at the parking garage. The guard didn’t see anything, but one of the canine cops scents someone upstairs and starts barking. They bring in more dogs and evacuate the building, instructing everyone to leave their doors open.

Olivia and Lincoln take separate teams of agents and dogs to sweep the building with UV flashlights. Olivia splits away from her team because staying together is “taking too long” and is keeping her from certain peril. The building looks like it’s under construction and Olivia slips into a hole in the floor in the dark. She’s barely hanging on when Eugene approaches her, creepily stepping into the beam of UV light. The other team members are trying to reach her on the radio, but of course she can’t respond.

Eugene helps Olivia up but takes her gun and turns it on her. Olivia warns him that he’s dying. He says they only want to save him for his possible benefit to the military. Olivia says she just wants to stop the killing. Eugene pours out his anguish, tired of being used and wishing for a real life. Dude, I hear you, but the stalking is still not cute. The team tries to reach Olivia again. She tells Eugene she knows a scientist who might be able to help him, but he’s tired of being a lab rat. Lincoln and the others finally find Olivia, but Eugene has run off with Olivia’s gun, which he ends up leaving behind.

Outside, Olivia informs Broyles that Eugene got away. They send the evacuees back inside. Eugene, now visible, uses the crowd to mask his escape. The agents find Eugene’s mad scientist lair in a service bay. They find he’s taken a token from each of his victims. Lincoln’s all, “He was trying to cure himself,” like no shit, Agent Legolas. Olivia says Eugene just wanted to be seen.

Eugene gets in an elevator. His crush noticed he wasn’t around and wondered if he caught the cold going around. She says it’s a beautiful day and he emphatically agrees. He introduces himself. She says her name is Julie, and then gets off the elevator. The doors close and Eugene collapses.

Olivia reports to Nina that they found Eugene’s body. Olivia’s been thinking about how, like Eugene, she’s always been different. She wonders if the Cortexiphan stunted her emotions, which is as good an excuse as any. Nina assures her that she’s fine and just has to find her own place. She says, “When the time is right, you’ll know.” Thanks, Nina, that is completely not helpful.

Peter visits Lincoln at his desk and gifts him with a pair of new glasses. Okay, so did he make these, or did they come out of this week’s allowance? He heads off to a lab Broyles has readied for him, and he and Olivia greet each other perfunctorily as she passes him on her way in. You are killing me, show.

Olivia coyly tells Lincoln she might be at the diner again around three. After she’s gone, he tries on his new glasses. How did Peter get his prescription? Oh what the hell am I thinking, he probably hacked the FBI HR database or something. The new glasses are okay, but I still like the Clark Kent charm of his original pair.

Lincoln’s at the diner, working on a crossword puzzle and clearly waiting for Olivia. She’s at home fussing with her hair and getting ready to leave. Smoke starts pouring in under the door, and Olivia passes out. Men come in and inject her with something. One of them says when she wakes up in two hours, “she’s gonna have a helluva headache.” Oh! And Nina’s there, making sure everything’s going according to plan. That bitch.

After the hiatus: Peter asks for Walternate’s help, Walternate says everything is not as it seems, and the Observer tells Olivia he has to tell her something.

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I would just like to say that I too remain unconvinced that there is an actual third universe from which Peter has orbed.  He was deleted from the two that exist, and his deep personal connections with Liv and Walter combined with some other weird space-timey/Observer stuff are what brought him back.

I’m just wondering how much was deleted along with Peter.  Olivia should remember being on the other side and living the alternate life where that Lincoln wears the same glasses that Peter just got him.  So why hasn’t she thought about that?

And wow, this is a weird world where Nina Sharp can’t be trusted – sacrébleu! </sarcasm.> (Who would ever think it was a good idea for Nina to raise Olivia – other than as a science project?)

In this reality, Olivia was on the other side, but there have been hints that the circumstances were a little different.  In the version we saw, it was about getting Peter back into “our” universe to ensure its survival.  The implication in this reality was that our Olivia was kidnapped by the other side and did not go about living Fauxlivia’s life.  We have not yet been told why the Lincolns don’t know about each other.

It was probably a matter of no one else stepping in to take the Dunham sisters. Then this well-to-do businesswoman comes along … can’t see anyone raising a fuss. I’m sure Nina had a sinister reason for adopting the girls all along. Makes you wonder just how long she’s been experimenting on poor Olivia.

Greetings from your only Fringe Friend!

I liked seeing that Olivia’s headaches were not an annoying add-in (which shows try to force us to believe were there all along) but an actual relevant plot point.  I do fail to see how after this episode Olivia won’t wake up on the floor and suspect that something sketchy happened.  I will never forgive Nina for ruining the only date I want to see on this show :( :( :(

Because of episodes being pushed back a week for stupid sports, the next episode was actually supposed to be the fall finale.  Apparently they built a better cliffhanger into that one.

I don’t think it’ll be kept secret from Lincoln.  This was probably the first time Olivia had plans that were interrupted by these goons.  She’s going to be aware of the lost time.  This might be where Peter gets to step in and tell us everything he knows about Nina.  I’ve always suspected that they had a relationship that was never fully revealed to us.

Yeah, those goons really messed up by leaving her on the floor. Unless this Olivia is extra-stupid, I don’t see how that’s going to work. I don’t care if Olivia dates either of the Lincolns or not; I’m all Endgame: Peter-and-Olivia at this point. I do feel bad for poor Lincoln though, sitting all alone at the diner thinking he’s been stood up.

Thanks for the info about the “real” fall finale. Stupid sports, interfering with my TV.

But Olivia’s got so many issues of her own! :-) To be fair, two people requiring that much “work” individually should probably NOT try to make a go of it in real life. I think it makes for great fiction, though. If they actually gave us Olivia and Peter in a real relationship, I don’t think there’d be that ennui that settles in when a will-they-or-won’t-they couple gets together on TV.

And I love sweet dorky Lincoln, I really really do, but I feel like he’d bore the hell out of Olivia pretty quickly. But maybe it’ll turn out that Lincoln has Fringe-y, heretofore unexplored depths of his own and we’ll both get our way!

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