Shop Your Closet, Look Like a Model

With the change of season comes a desire to buy ALL the things in the stores and the catalogs. The thing is, half of what they are shilling, you probably already own. Time to shop your closet.

Break Down the Outfit

Don’t be blinded by the beautiful J. Crew model; instead, take a good look at the clothes. What’s that I see? A pencil skirt? I have one of those. I even have some ballet flats and a sweater. The only thing I don’t have is any of these in bright, sherbert colors, but maybe if I put a bright t-shirt underneath or toss on a colorful necklace, maybe that’ll be a little J. Crew. Of course, the ultimate J. Crew outfit requires some red lipstick and a skinny belt.

JCrew Outfit

Anthropologie is Overpriced, Your Closet is Free

Let’s take this outfit from Anthropologie. Red skirt (or maybe a dress?), white sweater, and boots. It’s kind of Agatha Christie murder-mystery chic. I love it, though I’d maybe add a belt since I always look too much like a waif without one. What you need is a long skirt in a strong color, your favorite yummy sweater, and some lace-up boots. Add the floppy felt hat depending on your taste (I don’t have one in my closet). Ta-da!

Anthropologie Outfit 

The Amy Pond

Madewell has had a series of outfits that I call the Amy Pond. Skinny jeans, plaid blouse, and skinny belt. All of which you probably have in your closet. Doctor and TARDIS not included.

Madewell Outfit 

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I love that JCrew look.  Their whole catalogue is one big Shop Your Closet.  Most everything they sell are basic staples that one usually had (except in my case, I opt for a-line skirts instead of pencil).  But still, I fully plan on doing the skirt, sweater, belt combo this week – paired with H&M knit tights because it’s gd cold out here and I bus to work.

The few things that really change from year to year are shoes and belts.  And even then, it goes from skinny to thick, skinny to thick.  Pointy toe to round toe, pointy toe to round toe.

Being stylish is easy – if you just ignore Cosmo and InStyle.

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