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Happy Cyber Monday! Small Business Saturday has come and gone, but there’s no reason why you can’t continue to shop at local business and small boutiques for all your holiday gifts. We’ve polled our staff and friends to come up with a list of online shops where you can pick up some beautiful and unique gifts for everyone on your list this year.

Image of Empower Mints from Unemployed Philosophers Guild
You can do it!

One of my favorite sources of witty gifts is the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Whether you’re looking for a Jane Austen finger puppet, a set of Dorothy Parker martini glasses, or a Disappearing TARDIS mug, you’re sure to find something for just about anyone on your holiday shopping list. (Especially if she’s bookish and clever, hint, hint!) There’s also a handy search feature to find local stores that carry their items; chances are there’s one near you. If you’re shopping online, registered users of the site can get 10% off a $30 purchase using the code HOVERCRAFT. (Registration is free.)

Happy Fucking Holidays, Deer
PMag loves puns!

If DIY snarkiness is more your style, head over to Subversive Cross Stitch. You can get kits that include your choice of dozens of hilarious patterns, fabric, and all the embroidery floss you need to complete the design, or you can download PDFs and use your own supplies. There’s also an Etsy shop where you can buy finished pieces or supplies and place custom orders. Even a novice can complete these patterns, and they’re definitely conversation starters!

For a truly personal gift, Fracture will digitally print any of your photos onto a glass sheet that can be hung directly on the wall without any additional frame. Pick your favorite family picture, vacation shots, whatever you like, for a gift your recipient will cherish forever. They offer a lifetime replacement guarantee against breakage or scratching. For guaranteed delivery by Christmas, orders must be placed by December 1.

Reading is Sexy button magnet by Sarah Utter
Yes, it is.

Buy Olympia has a storefront and art gallery in Portland, Oregon, and sells works from more than 50 artists on their website. I’m awfully partial to Sarah Utter’s “Reading is Sexy” collection, but pretty much everything on the site is adorable.

For home decor, accessories, and children’s clothing from French and Moroccan designers, check out Couleurs de Saison. Their collections are perfect for the fashionista in your life. Couleurs de Saison was founded by Nancy Buller, who was profiled for Persephone by Buster Blonde in an article about women in business.

For our international Persephoneers, Not on the High Street is basically the UK version of Etsy, combining hundreds of shops into one shopping basket. It’s pretty upscale and the pricing reflects that, but the goods are very high quality (no Regretsy here). The shop covers just about any category you could hope for, from home decor to fashion and jewelry to children’s toys.

Speaking of Etsy, what holiday shopping round-up would be complete without including some of our favorite sellers? Hally Grace Photography sells prints of cool food photography. Ellie’s Jewels has beautiful handmade jewelry. (Disclosure: I recently won a pair of earrings from her in a Facebook contest. I absolutely adore them, but her shop would have made the list even if I hadn’t.) Vintage Dutch Girl sells infinity scarves in a variety of beautiful prints, along with earrings and headbands, and she’s offering 15% off on Cyber Monday only with the code TURKEY15 . The Modern Stylographer has stunning retro style science fiction and fantasy posters. Get free shipping today on any purchase of 3 or more posters with the code “CYBERSHIPPER” (domestic U.S. only). I’m pretty sure I could do at least half of my holiday shopping there! Mustard Ampersand makes really cool wire word necklaces and other unique handmade jewelry. She’s offering 40% off today only with the code CM1140.

Brass owl and sparrow necklace by Devils and Daffodils

Persephone’s very own DevilsAndDaffodils makes awesome steampunk and Victorian jewelry. Since she loves us, she’s offering 30% off all orders placed today using the code CYBERMONDAYPMAG. If anyone on your list is an owl enthusiast, you should seriously check out her store!


Pinz’n’Things has really fun jewelry and accessories for the nerd or hipster in your life. Whether you need TARDIS earrings (who doesn’t?), Super Mario cufflinks, or a set of mustache Christmas ornaments, there’s sure to be something to tickle your fancy.

For your favorite hippie, check out Soul Flower. They have tons of organic clothing, including plus sizes, handmade jewelry and accessories, hemp products (only the legal kind!), and incense. The recycled hats and scarves are really comfy!

Fierce Bodies makes eco-friendly, chemical-free hair products. If any of your friends or family suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities, these are a great alternative to mass-market brands.

For fans of organic products, check out Blissmobox. They put together sample boxes of organic goods in a variety of categories. Each box contains $25-50 worth of products for a subscription fee of $19 a month. You can choose to gift someone a two-month membership, or send them one box in the category of your choosing (bath & body, cleaning, or sex!), and through the end of Cyber Monday both gift options are 20% off. They also have a special flash sale site for the holidays where you can choose individual products.

Birchbox also offers a subscription service for $10 a month. Each shipment includes 4 or 5 deluxe samples of beauty products, fragrances, or tools. Full size products are also available for sale, and through the end of December they’re offering free standard shipping on all purchases of $25 or more (shipping is always free for subscription boxes).

Zoya Kissy, from the 2011 holiday collection
Zoya Kissy is on my toes right now

For the nail polish hoarder in your life, Persephoneers love Zoya. They make hundreds of colors, all of which are 4 Free. The basic colors cover pretty much everything you could ever want, and the seasonal/holiday collections are amazing. They also offer color spoons, so you can see if you like a color before purchasing a whole bottle. Through the end of Cyber Monday they’re offering a code for a free nail polish with any purchase (you get the code when your purchase ships out). Zoya offers tons of promos to registered users; it’s well worth signing up for an account and following them on Facebook. So much free nail polish!

For all your Hanukkah shopping, schlepp on over to Modern Tribe. They have plenty of beautiful Israeli-made gifts for your bubbe, or if kitsch is more your thing head over to their Pop Judaica section. Surely someone you know needs a “Jews for Jeter” or “What Would Barbra Do?” T-shirt!

So what are your favorite small businesses? Where are you doing your shopping this year? Leave them in the comments so we can all support these awesome shops. And in the coming weeks, I’ll be covering great shops for kids, bookstores, food vendors, awesome charities, and more! Happy holidays!

[Disclosure: Some of these sites belong to friends and family of our writers, but Persephone does not get kickbacks from any of these sites, and I have done my best to identify if any of our staff is involved in the sites.]

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My friend Jen has a delightful etsy shop where she sells jewelry and barrettes and cufflinks and such made out of other stuff – Scrabble tiles, legos, other kinds of game pieces, cute little things she’s picked up. It’s fabulous. She made me some Scrabble tile cufflinks as a gift for our wedding officiant, who is a huge Scrabble buff.

And apparently she’s having a Cyber Monday sale, so, good timing. There are some super cute gingerbread earrings I’ve been eyeing as a present for someone.

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