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This Open Thread Is Sexy And It Knows It

Y’all, I had all these mopey songs picked out for tonight’s open thread. Then I came to my senses and remembered that not only is it the Dance Party Open Thread, but it’s Friday, friends! Woop woop!  Even if you are working all weekend, like yours truly, take a minute to dance to the most ridiculous song I could think of. I hear it’s what the kids are listening to, though.

My knowledge of the hip music these days comes pretty much exclusively from the overhead music at the gym and what they play on the radio I have in the kitchen. That’s how I know this song. But from what I can surmise, these LMFAO fellas are the band that all the kids pretend they hate, but know all their songs? Like the Backstreet Boys? I don’t know. I just think the song is silly. Enjoy!

What are YOUR plans this weekend?

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I am behind on NaNoWriMo to the tune of approx 4,100 words… work and going out on Friday, recovering yesterday (a contender for Worst Hangover of All Time, and definitely in the top three).

So if anyone has any good writing vibes, send them my way…

I think I go into hibernation this time of year. First I want to eat all the things, now I just want to sleep. I’m awake and ready to go in the morning, but around 1 I start dragging. I might have a surprise nap. Then at night I’m so ready to sleep, no problems there. a few months ago I was fine. I’ve been working on my sleep schedule, so I was feeling encouraged. But now it’s all zzzzzz. Any one else go into cold weather hibernation?

You know how when you’re 27 and you have a law degree and stuff and passed the Bar, but can’t find a job because everyone is only hiring attorneys with three years experience and you can’t complete Character and Fitness because DPS pretends you don’t exist when you ask them to send you copies of your incident report from your one speeding ticket and you just feel really frustrated, and then your lease is up and you can’t move in with your boyfriend because you don’t want to live with a boy until you are married, so you have to move in with your parents and then every day you get up and your dad is mad at you for a different reason and you only know the reason 40% of the time, and the other times it was because you are not clairvoyant so you didn’t get ready to go to your aunt’s with them because they didn’t tell you when they were going, and then your dad yells at you for not being ready and then storms out of the house and doesn’t listen to you, and you’re afraid to stay in the house because he’s going to give you the silent treatment when he gets home but you’re also afraid of the anger AND silent treatment you’ll get when you come home if you go to your boyfriend’s so you just keep watching episodes of Buffy and wondering where in the course of getting your BA in three years and being on law review and interning and being in the top of your class you messed up so badly that you’re in this situation and you don’t know how to get out of it? I’m having that kind of day right now. It’s not fun. I think I’m going to go to my boyfriend’s.

I am pondering a work from home purchase party type business (which I generally loathe). This one looks pretty attractive to a stay-at-home mom who is tired of feeling guilty over the tiniest purchase. I want to make just a little bit of money so I can, oh, buy a birthday gift for my husband without asking him for the dough first. What do y’all think about this company?

I like it because it is practical, if pricey. I  figure the value will come in the tips and tricks I could learn about how to best utilize the products. Like, if you turn it upside down it might have a completely different function.

Am I being too optimistic here?

The hesitation I would have is that pressure-your-friends parties have reached somewhat of a saturation point. That said, this is something other than Pampered Chef and Lia Sophia, so at least it has novelty on its side. I know we have a bunch of work-from-home people here, including some parents, so maybe someone has good ideas for you?

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