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We Try It: Wii Zumba

Last week I bought myself Zumba for the Wii, and it got me thinking about the difference between working out at home with the TV and working out at a gym with a group of people. 

Going to the gym has definite advantages. Doing Zumba in a group can be a lot of fun, and the shared energy is totally contagious. Every class is a little different, and I’ve found that when I have to schedule going to a class, I’m less likely to put it off till an undetermined “later.”

However, I think I am going to stick with the home version for one very important reason. I can’t dance. I’ve got a pretty decent sense of rhythm, and if I’m just playing around and dancing with my kids I do just fine – I even enjoy myself. When it comes to following a dance routine, though, the kindest thing you could say is that I am comically bad. Seriously, when I was in college I auditioned for the spring musical one year. After the audition I was talking to the director and got up the nerve to ask him about the painfully boring monologue he asked me to cold-read. His exact words were, and I quote, “I had you read that? Oh yeah, that was right after the dance audition and I was still mad at you.” That’s right; I follow choreography so badly that this man, who was usually a wonderful and supportive mentor to me, was angered by my performance and punished me with a long speech about grapes. Wii Zumba allows me to suck in the privacy of my own living room. AND, the Wii game is scored by generic hip shaking, so if I just keep moving, the nice video game people don’t know that I have gotten so mixed up that I will either have to grow another leg or levitate to keep doing what the lady on the screen is doing.

My one disappointment with Wii Zumba is that I had hoped I would be able to go through the tutorials and learn the steps at my own pace. This may be possible for some people, but from my uncoordinated perspective, the tutorials went something like this: “Step forward, step back. Step forward, step back. Good! Now a little bit faster. Step forward, step back, step forward, step back. Great! Now Calypso – Go!” and I’m trying not to fall over my feet, which have somehow gotten twisted around so I feel like a human Twizzler. According to the guy at the Game Stop, Zumba 2 will be coming out soon. Maybe they address the issue of terminally clumsy dancers in the newer version.

You may be wondering why, if I am so bad at this, do I plan to keep doing it. The fact is; it’s fun. I’ve had years to get used to the fact that I can’t dance; I don’t let it get in the way of me having a good time. Not only did I have fun, but I got a good enough workout that my butt muscles ached for the rest of the day. I call that a win :) .

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