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I dropped Persona 4 and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. I’m starting to have a busier schedule, so I need to make some room. Persona was starting to get boring and Horizon had too much fanservice.

ChihayaFuru, Episode 7
Things make people happy
I love this T-shirt

It looks like karuta requires quite a bit of mind power, especially when you start to think about going for a card because you know another card starting the same way has already been taken out. Not only do you need to know all the poems and where they are on the ground, but you need to remember which poems have already been said.

As for this episode, I guess Chihaya’s karuta club will soon be nicknamed the club of rejects. Besides Taichi, all the others are social rejects because of what they like: karuta, traditional dress, and studying. The newest member, literally dragged over by Chihaya, is a smart guy (second to Taichi in their years) who said he wasn’t going to watch a game of karuta unless the cards are turned over. This was a nice Taichi-centric episode. We follow his thoughts and see how the other students view him. There were also quite a few nice music tracks in the episode.

Gundam AGE, Episode 6

Flit doesn’t like that a kid was better than him in his Gundam, and he also wants to be the Savior. Messianic complexes are usually a sign of madness, poor Flit. That said, Grodek is much more interesting as a character than Flit: the guy is out for revenge and used to be a “journalist.” Also, this episode had another character that felt left out. Wolf wants a mobile suit that is better than the Gundam. Poor Wolf, he’s not the main character, which mean his mobile suit will always be worst.

We also get more faction introductions. How many can this show have? We now have the UE, Flit’s group, Eden, the Earth Federation Force, Zalam Union, and the Euba Alliance. I guess we can also count Grodek, too, since the guy is a faction all by himself. In this episode, we mostly learn about the Zalam and Euba factions, and it would seem that the Zalam have friends with the UE. We still get lots of off model in the animation department and the fighting wasn’t that exiting. The script wasn’t that great either.

  • Highlight of the episode: a mobile suit with a shovel for a weapon!
  • Bad part of the episode: it didn’t have a good script.
UN-GO, Episode 6

So, the “New Information Privacy and Protection Act” seems to be the main reason why people do bad things. It pops up in every episode as being the reason why people have problems and kill others. In this episode, we meet somebody who very much wants Kaishou (the guy in charge of information control) to be kicked down. This person, an old friend of Kaishou, simply asks the Defeated detective to look into something he found on his last day in prison. So our charming Kaishou is suspected of sleeping with one of his old friend’s wives, and it turns out that Kaishou is actually a nice guy and took care of the guy’s kids when he was in prison.

The last few minutes were really, “What the hell?” too. There is a guy who calls himself the Novelist, who is using the Defected Detective (he call him the Great Detective) to write “reality.” There is also a strange white-haired girl around. I guess he have his own “Inga.” The Novelist is the guy who started the event of this episode. I’m not sure if he’s a good or bad guy yet, but his “story” didn’t go as planned.

Also, Inga and Kazamori make a crazy team (as in cuckoos). There is something about the creepy little electronic doll and panda-looking shota (little boy in Japanese).

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, Episode 6:
Pink Battleship
The Silvius got a girlfriend

The plot thickens. Between last week’s and this week’s episodes, Fam and Gisey stole eight ships, and they have seven left to go before getting their freedom back. Tatiana sends the eight ships to a “safe place,” and Fam isn’t too happy about it. I think she misunderstood her deal with the Captain. Fam doesn’t seem to like Tatiana that much. I guess she doesn’t like that she can’t have it her way with her.

This week’s episode, beside showing a vanship race and a pink battleship, serves mostly to introduce the Ades Federation Aristocracy. Fam and Gisey gamble with a baroness to win her battleship. This gives us some nice racing action. I found the conversation (well, more like monologue) from the baroness to boy-Millia much more interesting, though. First, I think she knew who Millia was despite the disguise. There were just too many hints in her dialog. Second, she also hints that the Grand Race that happened 10 years ago wasn’t what people believe it was. This make me think that: A) Loli-Empress Sala isn’t the daughter of the “late” Empress, and  B) the “late” Empress might not be as dead as some people believe and might be pulling the strings in the background here.

The rest of the episode is devoted to show how the Ades Federation works. The “empire” is built upon the countries it conquered and all the “leaders” who surrendered themselves received titles and lands from the Loli-Empress in exchange. They are free to indulge themselves in all the excess of life with their new-found power and the higher ups don’t care – until it’s time to purge them to gain a political advantage. Here, the excuse used was triggered by Millia and Fam dropping pamphlets about the Turan government in Exile (I think the pun was intended). While they are doing that, Gisey learns a new word: Anatoray. The girl is really the brightest of the three, she knows that shit is about to get real and she doesn’t like it.

A small note about the baroness: the way the episode worked you would think she was a one-episode deal, but the character is voiced, quite amazingly, by Maaya Sakamato, the show’s main theme singer. I expect to see her again later.

Fate/Zero, Episode 8:

This episode had a bit too much “Kirei is Kiritsugu’s biggest enemy.” And for a priest, he seems to have a bit too many ninja skills. Although, the fight between the humans is just as good as the fight between the heroic spirits. Saber and Lancer’s fight against Caster comes to a conclusion and Saber lets Lancer go save his master. How noble of you, Saber.

We get more fighting between Archibald and Kiritsugu, where Archie proves he isn’t that much of a “fighter.” He’s too traditional “magic” and totally insane, too (unless it was the pain). There is Maiya and Iri against Kirei, and the girls totally lost (they get trashed, it was not fun to watch). Although, Kirei misunderstood their reasons, this should prove interesting in future episodes.

Also, Avalon is just overpowered and there were over 100 gallons of blood in this episode (flowed like water, not really realistic).

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