Y’all, This is Seriously the Easiest and Cutest DIY Gift, Perhaps Ever.

Last weeks DIY gift tutorial post was easy (as long as you don’t get overzealous with the spray paint and end up having to start all over again, like some people I know. Who happened to write the tutorial.), but this one really takes the cupcake when it comes to an adorable and exceptionally functional gift that a number of women would be delighted to have.

Even though I have a ton of different jewelry displays, my dangly earrings always seem to end up in a jumble on my dresser because when I get off work I don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with placing a post in a hole, apparently. This project takes all the manual dexterity out of putting away earrings, plus it has the added bonus of making them all easily displayed in a fancy, decorative way. Hurrah!


You will need-

-An 8×10 picture frame. I got this one at a store called “Dollar Store” for $1.99. That pissed me off on principle, but it was still a cool frame and 2 bucks is not unreasonable.

-A glue gun

-Your choice of twine, wire, or ribbon

-Optional- spray paint. If you find a cool frame that you like the color of, the spray painting is not necessary. I, however, have a problem with leaving things their original color, so spray paint is always required.


If you chose to paint your frame, remove the glass and backing from the frame and place it on a sheet of cardboard or newspaper in a well-ventilated area.

Because the frame I used is plastic, I sprayed it with a coat of plastic primer first. If your frame is wood, use regular primer. This step is not exactly required, but it gives you a truer end color if you do it.

Let the primer dry for about 20 minutes, then spray your final color.

Rustoleum spray paint is the best for providing the most coverage in one coat. They have a pretty excellent selection of colors to choose from. If you choose a different brand, it may take more than one coat. Make sure to let each coat dry for at least 20 minutes before applying the next.

Once your frame has dried completely, it’s time to attach the twine (or wire or ribbon) to the back of the frame.

As this frame was $1.99 and plastic, hot glue was my only option for attaching the twine. If you have a wood frame, using staples would be a more secure option. I was a bit concerned the glue wouldn’t hold, but it actually worked out really well. Unless you have exceptionally heavy earrings to hang, hot glue will work fine.

Pull the string pretty taut when you attach it to the opposite side. You don’t want droopage when you hang the earrings.

Repeat with 3 strings, as shown above, with about 1.5-2″ in between each.

I attached a ribbon at the bottom of the frame for storing studs and other non-dangly earrings. I’m not 100% convinced on this for any future creations as I found they weighed the ribbon down pretty easily. If you choose not to do a stud ribbon at the bottom, just add a little more space in between the other three strings to fill out the frame.

And that’s it, folks, you’re done! Super cute, super easy, totally handy gift idea. If I hadn’t sprayed the frame a different color, this project would have taken about 10 minutes from start to finish and cost about $4 in supplies. You really can’t beat that kind of deal, right? Happy crafting!!

I apologize for the quality of the photos. My camera really does not like taking good photos for me. I am switching over to the husband’s camera for the next tutorial, so I promise the photos will be less crappy.



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I am trying to find a frame that is big enough that I like to do a tutorial for necklace hanging(it has a few more steps and materials than this one, but it is still pretty easy). I don’t know that this one would work as well, since the necklaces are heavy and would weigh down the twine, though maybe if you used wire it would work? I had the same problem with my necklaces, and I bought a pack of the little hooks that screw into the wall- usually less than $4 at Target or the like- and hung them up on my walls. It is a easy fix and then it makes you’re walls pretty, too!

I’ve seen some cute little wooden tie racks that are meant to go on the back of closet doors — I bet those would be perfect for hanging long necklaces, and more than sturdy enough to handle heavy dangly ones. (They’d probably look nice spray-painted, too!)

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