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Your Thanksgiving Dance Party Open Thread Headquarters

I couldn’t decide which of my favorite Thanksgiving songs to choose for today’s Dance Party Open Thread. So guess what, you get both! Have fun!

The first one is from Addams Family Values, man I love that movie.  I quote this song every year and there are not enough people in my life who know what I’m talking about. So I bring it to you, so at least our Persephone readers will know what I’m talking about should we ever spend a Thanksgiving together.

And I think I would be remiss if I didn’t post Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song. You know how sometimes just a lyric or phrase will get stuck in your head? Yeah that happens to me with, “My brother masturbates with baby oil,” more than I should admit.

Have a great holiday, friends, dance it up in our OT and enjoy it throughout the weekend to make us all jealous of your delicious food.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My boss randomly decided we could close tomorrow, which is a plus, and then asked me to do some work from home, which is a minus, but today I’m going to gorge myself, which is both a plus and a minus.

I’ve got the cinnamon apple spice cake already baked. In the coming hours I need to make the Quorn (a vegetarian roast, which I highly recommend to our vegetarian Persephone readers), the green bean casserole, and spicy sweet potatoes. Whee!

Ditto to all of this! Also, I am SO GLAD it’s almost the weekend! This first half of the week was epic: I finished another draft of my dissertation proposal, got accepted to a conference, met with a bunch of students for their papers that are due soon, was generally stressed out and grumpy. I almost lost my shit last night, when I was attempting to make gingerbread cookies and the dough would not roll out properly. Yeah…  I need a break!

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