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Awkwardette’s Ill-Advised Guide to Getting it On: My Five Favorite Sexy Blogs

So, like the rest of you, I am running around like a crazy woman with not nearly enough time on her hands, taking care of stupid crap like buying presents and being filled with holiday cheer. I thought you might like some light reading to cheer you up, and so today I bring you a new list: some of my favorite in sexy blogging.

Keep in mind, this list is in no particular order. I’m egalitarian like that.

Sugarbutch Chronicles

Sugarbutch Chronicles

Sinclair Sexsmith is not only super duper sexy, but the blog is smart, smart, smart, and I don’t have to tell y’all that the biggest erogenous zone is the brain. Sinclair talks sex with sprinkles of theory and social justice, and adorable, hot tales about queer partnership and courting.

Between My Sheets

Between My Sheets

Between My Sheets is a sexy, sexy chronicle of Rori’s life. Rori also offers up one of my favorite best of sex bloggers lists, in case this one isn’t sufficient for you. She writes her Best 100 Sex Bloggers list annually, so you’ll always be up to date.

 Sex Spoken Here: Secrets of a Sexuality Educator

Sex Spoken Here

Catherine has the best sex toy recommendations I’ve seen on the web and offers some very practical tools such as her Ginormous Sex Term Glossary. I am a huge fan of her most recent post, “How the Hell Do You Travel with Sex Toys? (Holiday Edition).” She’s an expert in this since she’s always having to lug around a ton of toys for work, so take note before you pack!

Susie Bright

Susie Bright

Susie is a veteran in the sex-writing world, having published dozens of books and edited a few more. Feminist, lesbian and sex-positive, Susie tackles subjects such as motherhood, fisting, herpes, rape scenes and more.

 Married Man Sex Life

Married Man Sex Life

I can’t say I agree with a good chunk of what this blogger writes. He claims most of his ideology stems from evolutionary psychology and The Game (yes, that game UGHHH), but I have to admit it is a perspective on sex that I don’t get very often being both queer in living in NYC – the perspective of a married, straight man. I mean, as far as I knew, married men didn’t have sex. That’s what everyone likes to tell me, anyway. Oddly enough, I think MMSL is right on in a few ways, even if it’s written through a misogynistic lens on occasion. It’s an interesting read, even though I claim in absolutely no way to condone what is written. I’d recommend starting with “Monogamy As a Sexual Strategy: My Wife Was Right All Along.” (Yet notice I wrote the most about this blog? I’m such a masochist.)

Honorary mentions:

Quizzical Pussy

Playing D&D With Porn Stars


Quickies in New York

Married Freaks


Speaking of sex blogging, have any of you seen those absurd commercials on TV for the .xxx domain? I was in a burger joint yesterday, eating some fries while How I Met Your Mother played in the background and then these naughty, suggestive domain commercials came on.

Anyway, enjoy the holidays if you’re celebrating them, or just enjoy your regular ol’ day when nothing is open if you’re not and you’re where a bunch of people who are celebrating live, and if you live somewhere where no one is celebrating anything and you similarly don’t, go about your business. Oh, and enjoy your business.

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