Bourbon Eggnog Cheesecake

“˜Tis the season, you mouthy broads! And if you’re anything like me (and god help me, please be enough like me that you enjoy being called a “mouthy broad” by a fellow mouthy broad), you are looking forward to the season of fat, calories, sugar, and deliciousness that is about to descend in all its gluttonous glory.

My biggest and best contribution to this tornado of butter, tinsel, and deliciousness is the aforementioned bourbon eggnog cheesecake. The eggnog makes it seasonal, and the bourbon makes it awesome. And what with it being cheesecake, you know that it’s some good stuff.

So here’s what  you need:

For the crust, get yourself a cup of graham crackers, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 3 tablespoons of melted butter.  After you’ve preheated the oven (325 degrees Fahrenheit, natch), mix the melted butter, sugar, and graham crackers together in a bowl. Then, with your fingers, get all tactile in there, smash that mixture onto the sides and bottom of a pie tin. You can go out and buy a pre-made crust, but I just really love the feeling of the buttery, gritty crumbs on my fingers.

Anyway, get that pie crust in the oven for ten minutes before popping that bad boy out and upping the oven to 425. Let the crust cool while you make the filling.

Get 3 packages of cream cheese to soften and then procure 1 cup of sugar, 3 tablespoons of flour, and ¾ cup of eggnog. Blend or food process or smash them all together (I’ve done it all the different ways, just like Kenneth Parcell). Is it looking good and gloopy? Gooooooood.

Blend in 2 eggs, a splash of bourbon (2-3 tablespoons?), and nutmeg and cinnamon to taste, and baby, you’ve got a cheesecake filling! Let that cook in the hot hot oven for 10-15 minutes, then turn the heat way way down to 325 and let that hunk-a-hunk-a cooking cheesecake cook for 40-50 minutes. Basically, you know it’s done when it’s all nice and golden brown.

Take it out, let it cool, and then enjoy!


2 replies on “Bourbon Eggnog Cheesecake”

Bourbon: delicious.

Egg nog: effing delicious.

Cheescake: the most delicious.

And when delicious things combine, they do so exponentially. So this thing could probably destroy the world with its delicious forces.

Sounds pretty easy to make, too! Thanks for the recipe!

(Cheesecakery tips from Alton Brown: you don’t even need a special pan. Just use a regular one, greased and lined with wax paper, and bake it in a larger  pan with about an inch of water. This will make sure the cheescake doesn’t crack. Wait to cool, and then to take it out of the pan, put the pan in hot water for a bit, remove the wax paper from the sides, put a plate over the top, flip, depan, and flip onto your serving plate. Sounds kinda complicated, yes, but this total klutz managed it 3 times without cheesecake on the floor so you can too!)

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