Dear 30

I turn 30 this week. My 20s were less than fun, so I’ve been looking forward to this birthday. It’s full of hope for me that something good is going to happen. So here’s my letter to the decade to come.

Dear 30,

My 20s kind of sucked. I made a serious of unfortunate decisions, but that’s part of growing up. I learned, as Kelsium so wisely put it, that life is about the fact that sometimes there will be cat poop in your sink on top of everything else.

And so, I come to this new decade with some requests. Not for the universe, because the universe is an idiot, but with some requests for me. To make this decade if not good, then liveable and exciting and full of life.

This is what I want:

1. I want to fall in love again. Like I did with that one guy I thought I was going to marry, but this time with the right guy. I loved being in love and I want to do it again. I hope that at 30, I am wise enough to know the difference between who is just plain wrong for me and who is going to accept my little quirks.

2. I want to publish something for which I get paid, and it has to be something that I love and that is important to me. I get paid for what I write in my day job, but someday I’d like for my love of political theory to give me enough cash to at least buy a cheap bottle of celebratory wine.

3. I want to travel for a full year around the world. I want to really go someplace, and to write about it.

4. I’d like to own a killer dress by an amazing designer. I love clothes and fashion and to have something amazing in my wardrobe that is designed by someone bad-ass would be truly awesome.

5. I’d love to climb a mountain. Nothing too crazy, but something with enough challenge to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

6. Get a tattoo. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a while, and this is the decade I make it happen.

7. Finish my PhD.

Look, I know my 30s aren’t going to be a cakewalk, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m hoping that I can put that knowledge to good use.



So, dear readers, what do you recommend I do in my 30s? And please don’t say buy a house. It’s not going to happen.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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