Drive Up and Drive On

I wrote this post six years ago, on my personal blog, Gotchababy when I was just figuring out how to live life with a newborn. Six years and one more kid later, I’ve got it down (sometimes). Yesterday, a friend was talking about having to wait at Walmart with a sick kid to get a prescription filled, and it it made me think of this post, and the glory of drive through services. Sure it’s bad for the environment. But OMG. Sometimes, the drive through window is the only way to go. 

Until recently, I didn’t get the whole “drive up window” concept. Sure it was nice when it was raining, but that’s just because I was lazy. Now, however, I have a whole new appreciation for businesses who know the value of the drive up window: moms with small children will flock to you in droves.

More than likely invented by a mom with 2-3 children under the age of 5, I’ve been amazed at what I can do if I only plan my day right. Here are the drive through’s  that I currently frequent:

  1. Drive through pharmacy
  2. Drive through Dry Cleaners (you can drop things off and they’ll come out and put your order in the car)
  3. Drive through banking
  4. Drive through library drop-off. I actually go to a branch across town for this specific feature.

I used to revel in errand running as an opportunity to log steps on my pedometer. Ha. Now I just hope for a carseat nap and leave it at that.

Businesses I wish would jump on the drive up bandwagon:

1) The post-office (I need 16 2cent stamps, damnit!)
2) The grocery store. (how cool would it be to get your order thru a drive thru”“already bagged and everything?!?)

2011 confession: I drive through to get coffee sometimes. I don’t usually go fancy, I usually go with the fast food $1 cup because I can justify it more easily. I didn’t realize how often I was getting said bargain coffee until we were waiting in the drive through one day and my son said, “You gettin’ you coffee with cream, Mom?” Why yes son, yes I am. Mommy needs it. I drive around in circles all day long.


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One of the Mums from my Mother’s group was discussing this the other day.  She gets a lot of McDonald’s because it means she doesn’t have to get out of the car.  She wants someone to do drive thru sushi (which I think is a genius idea!).

In Australia, most bottleshops attached to pubs are drive thru and they’ll even put your booze in the boot (trunk to you guys)!


Grocery delivery with Peapod.  If you live in a major city, it is the way to go.  Especially when you’re talking lots of groceries in a third story walkup.  They carry the groceries up the stairs and put them in your living room/kitchen/wherever.  My roommates make fun of me, but it is the best thing ever.  They’ll even deliver beer and wine.  Genius.

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