Five Reasons I’m Smiling This Week

I had a minor freak out tonight. I felt like the house was covered in clutter, and the hours between now and Christmas morning are growing shorter. The list of what I need to accomplish between now and then is long, and I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all done. But then i took a minute to think about all of the good things going on right now, and I felt better. I’m wanting to make these last few days before Christmas last because I need as many hours as possible, but also because there are only so many Christmases where the excitement is this palpable. So in no particular order, here are the top five things that have me smiling this week:

1) It hasn’t occurred to my children yet that there might be presents in the house. Although most of their gifts come from us and not Santa, in their heads, Santa’s the one who brings them all. They think of him more like a personal delivery service from Amazon, I suppose.

2) The joy over seeing Christmas lights is something I wish I could bottle. I could drive around for hours with them, listening to the commentary from the back seat.

3) The six year old calls the nativity scene the activity scene. Really, when you think about it, there is a lot going on there. Sheep, cows, shepherds, drummer boys, and, you know, a woman giving birth. Maybe activity is really a better term!

4) I get to have breakfast with my daughter’s class on Thursday. It’s a pancake and hot chocolate bar party, and I’m excited. If you’re going to have first graders in school a mere three days before Christmas, the least you can do is give them a hot chocolate bar!

5) The three  year old is starting to learn the words to popular Christmas carols. You haven’t heard “Feliz Navidad” until you’ve heard him sing it.

So that’s my top five. What has you smiling this week?

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Things I love

2.5 hours until the end of work, I’m not back until 9 Jan- YEEEH HA.

Getting texts from my old flatmates saying they had met up and were eating “nuggs” (chicken nuggets. They ate a lot of chicken nuggets when we lived together).

Clients giving me a quite delicious fruit cake.

Having a clean office for the first time in forever.

Bring on the holidays!




1. The ginger cat suddenly has an interest in people food. I gave her the teeniest piece of bacon last week and now she sits in the hallways licking her lips when I’m making dinner. 2. Getting paid a fairly ridiculous amount of money to write out holiday cards for a local accountant. 3. Shopping for presents! I love the thrill of trying to find a gift that the recipient will love. 4. Jalapeno bagels with cream cheese. Seriously, they’ll change your life…or at least your breakfast. 5. Being done with writing out the previously mentioned 200 holiday cards.


Ditto. I had a big hand in picking out stuff for the family-in-law-to-be and I am stoked to see them open stuff they actually want for once. Mister has a tendency to run around on Christmas eve at the mall grabbing generic stuff people won’t HATE, but you can only open so many coffee mugs before you hate them anyway, right? They’re getting good gifts this year.

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