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Fun Time Open Thread: 12/13/11

Happy Tuesday, all! I’ve been sick this week, though I woke up today feeling almost human again, and I have medical terminology on the brain. How well do you really know the language that gets tossed around by doctors, pharmacists and advertisers?

  1. What does NSAID stand for?
  2. What does the suffix “-itis” actually mean?
  3. So then, what is “rhinitis”?
  4. What are the cardinal signs of inflammation?
  5. What is the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia?
  6. What does a vasodilator do?
  7. What exactly is a sphincter muscle?
  8. What are your sinuses?
  9. If you are prone, are you lying face up or face down?
  10. Where is the popliteal region?
  11. Why does “Rx” stand for “prescription”?
  12. What is a cyberchondriac?

Well, that’s enough of that. Here’s hoping we all stay healthy this holiday season!

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I stuck around with stupid Glee hoping it would finally get back to how much fun it was in the first season, and tonight’s episode has made me quit it for good.

I was bored, then confused, then bored again, then REALLY FUCKING ANGRY and then bored again.  Seriously, Gleeple? Singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” AT A MOTHERFUCKING HOMELESS SHELTER?

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

2. Swelling

3. Swelling of your nose innards.

4. Um, swollen stuff?

5. Bronchitis is swollen/infected bronchi, pneumonia has fluid?

6. Dilates the veins so the blood moves better.

7. A muscle shaped like a ring, such as Satan’s Rotting Butthole.

8. The reason my winters are miserable.

9. Face up

10. Behind the kneecap

11. Latin.

12. What Selena becomes after visiting WebMD, where everything is cancer.

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

2. Inflammation

3. Stuffy nose

4. Um . . . redness, swelling, maybe a heightened immune response?

5. Don’t know. I would guess that perhaps the inflammation is in different parts of the lungs?

6. Widens blood vessels

7. A ring-shaped muscle that tightens around an opening, I think

8. The passages that run up behind your forehead and your cheeks and seem to have no other purpose but to drip incessantly and then swell up until they are completely closed off, thereby cutting off the sensations of smell and taste until whatever minor virus is causing them to throw a temper tantrum goes away. In the meantime, your macaroni and cheese could be macaroni and glue for all you know.

9. Face down. Face up is supine.

10. I’m a chemist, not a doctor, Jim!

11. I’m going to guess that it has something to do with Latin. Because old timey doctors and scientists loooooved their pretentious dead languages.

12. A person who tries to self-diagnose an ailment by looking it up on the Internet?

I’m going to base all this all on living with a mother who also spent my gradeschool life going through nursing school up until she got her masters. What can I say, we’re gluttons for pain and finals.

1. Ha, I never could remember these things – including what it’s called when a phrase is shortened to just its first letters…
2. Inflammation
3. Inflamed nose (swollen nose?)
4. Swelling, heat in area
5. The former is inflamed lung tissue, the latter is moisture in the lungs?
6. Increases oxygen in the blood?
7. Muscle that constricts, around an area? Gah.
8. The space/pockets above your cheeks, behind your forehead, through your nose that filter/sense the air you inhale, exhale. Is my BS generator set to high?
9. Face up. (according to a yoga instructor. Oh wait, was that during the cool down or during the back and butt workout?)
10. Near Aruba.
11.  I once knew this and then I think I thought it was dumb and promptly forgot (welcome to high school)
12. Self-diagnoses (often wrong) based on WebMD?

Good thing I’m done with SCHOOL!  FOREVER!  Go ahead and grade that, I don’t care! :)

(Have no fear, I did not go into nursing – though I think it would have made every woman in my family happy.  I studied math and accounting. So, yeah.)

I’m torn. My current roommate is going to move in with his girlfriend when our lease is up and I hate living alone. I moved to Fort Collins in 2010 with a boyfriend and then we broke up. Mom lives in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. I feel like it’s totally pointless for me to live out here anymore. I feel really lost and I don’t want to sign up to live out here for another year. My mom’s pretty cool and the worst part of living with her would be the middle of nowhereness that is central Kansas.

1. Non steroid anti-inflammatory drug
4. Heat, pain, redness, swelling
6. vasodilators dilate blood vessels which decreases blood pressure
7. a sphincter muscle is a ring of muscle
8. sinuses are cavities in your head that allow the air you breath to be come warm and moist and also provide chambers for your voice to resonate
9. face down
10. behind the knee
Who thinks that it’s a terrible idea for me to move back in with my mom?

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