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Fun Time Open Thread: Word Ladder 2

Here’s another word ladder and, because I’m feeling festive, it’s inspired by one of my favorite holiday songs. Enjoy, and have fun in the comments :)

  1. “____ It’s [Rung 7] Outside”
  2. Baseball’s Ruth
  3. Naked
  4. A kind of bear with a picture on it’s tummy
  5. Middle of an apple
  6. Singer Nat
  7. “[Rung 1] It’s ____ Outside”
  8. Bend paper in half and crease
  9. It’s what’s for dinner
  10. Court jester
  11. Young horse
  12. Soccer player’s score
  13. To prod
  14. Put boxes on a truck
  15. Soft, toxic metal
  16. Relax against a wall
  17. Singer Martin

What are your favorite holiday songs? I am partial to the oldies but goodies, and even though I am not particularly religious, I absolutely love “O Holy Night.”

By [E]SaraB

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5 replies on “Fun Time Open Thread: Word Ladder 2”

I don’t know that I’ve ever done a word ladder before. I had to stare at it for a minute to get it:

1. Baby

2. Babe

3. Bare

4. Care

5. Core

6. Cole

7. Cold

8. Fold

9. Food (My husband had to help me with that one! Isn’t that the slogan for beef?)

10. Fool

11. Foal

12. Goal

13. Goad

14. Load

15. Lead

16. Lean

17. Dean!


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