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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 2.11: “Resurrection Ship, Part 1”

Last week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica was squicky, to say the least. Several commenters mentioned that it was a turning point for them in terms of how much they liked the show. I’d never really thought of that episode that way (The Farm is just as, if not moreso, disturbing to me), but it goes without saying that this show keeps getting darker and darker. So grab your gun and bring in the cat, and let’s see what this week has in store for us.

Previously,  the Battlestar Pegasus has found Galactica and their fleet. The Pegasus, led by Admiral Cain (which, no spoilers, but we’re going to have a long talk about the significance of that name when this is all through) has been tracking a giant suspicious Cylon ship. Cain is also going to integrate the crews, and we meet Laird, Pegasus’ deck chief, who was a civilian. President Roslin is dying of cancer, with a month at the most left. Baltar meets the Pegasus’ Cylon prisoner, a Six who’s been horrifically abused. Starbuck says that if Pegasus really wants to find out about the giant suspicious Cylon ship, they need to use the Blackbird, the stealth fighter they built on Galactica, which gets her thrown off the mission. Lee tells Starbuck to go take the Blackbird and take photos on her own. And then we meet Commander Thorne, who is soon killed by Helo and Tyrol, in perhaps the most justified murder ever. Helo and Tyrol are taken back to Pegasus, found guilty of murder and treason, and about to be executed when Galactica launches fighters at Pegasus, who retaliates with Vipers of her own.


This episode picks up exactly where the previous one left off–the two Battlestars are launching fighters at each other. Cue the drums. And also there are Cylons. Wait, no, this is “somewhere else in outer space”–not fair! We finally see the giant suspicious Cylon ship, which looks like a stack of spiders standing on their bottom legs. Kinda? Anyway, we’re with Starbuck, who is here to take pretty pictures. To call this ship “stealthy” is an understatement–Starbuck is literally flying inside parts of the giant ship without being detected. She takes her pictures and jumps away, apparently completely unnoticed.

Out in the Viper fight, Hot Dog and Cat are having a hard time of it. Those two have always seemed to me like the younger generation of Lee and Starbuck. I think this is partially because Hot Dog is played by Brodie Olmos, Edward James Olmos’s son in real life, but whatever the reason, they’re definitely the JV team, and I always worry when they’re in charge. No one’s firing out there yet, but there’s a high-stakes game of chicken being played. Lee Adama, crewing a Pegasus Raptor, has just been relieved of duty, according to the Pegasus command. His copilot instantly pulls a gun on him. Lee goes and sulks in the back of the ship, but also tries to get in touch with Starbuck. She jumps back in, sees the vipers going after each other, and gets a message from Lee. Starbuck would like to know what the hell is going on. The Blackbird shows up as an unidentified ship on both Galactica’s and Pegasus’ radar, and they assume the ship is Cylon. Pegasus decides to handle this by recalling all of its Vipers, which, yay, get away from Hot Dog and Cat, please. While Pegasus’ Vipers are pulling back, Galactica’s go into attack formation, causing Starbuck to exclaim over the radio “Do not fire, I am a friendly! We are all friendlies!”

So Starbuck’s diffused the tension, and Adama calls Cain. Cain can either stand down or start shooting. Meanwhile, Starbuck’s transmitting the images she took on Blackbird to Pegasus. Cain, distracted and pleased by Starbuck’s shiny pictures, agrees to Adama’s request, and everyone recalls their ships and stands down to Condition 2, and Cain and Adama are going to meet on Colonial One in 15 minutes for a chitchat. Meanwhile, we finally get zoomed in on the photos of the giant suspicious Cylon ship, and it’s full of lots of Cylon bodies.

NOW?! WE’RE DOING THE CREDITS NOW?! WE’RE TEN-AND-A-HALF MINUTES INTO THE SHOW–EXACTLY A QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH–AND YOU WANT TO DO THE OPENING CREDITS NOW?! Opening credits imply they happen in the beginning of the program! Not at the 25% mark!

Alright, post-credits, Roslin is taking both Cain and Adama to task, which Cain can’t even sit though. Cain claims she’s totally justified in convicting and executing Helo and Tyrol, and manages to insult Roslin and Adama. Roslin points out that, yeah, sure, Galactica and Pegasus could go to war with each other, but that would suck for all involved parties. So Adama and Cain need to compromise. Cain announces that she’ll suspend the executions until after the mission to destroy the giant suspicious Cylon ship is over. Adama wants Helo and Tyrol back on Galactica, Cain responds by threatening to arrest Adama. Roslin states (quite presidentially) that the destruction of the Cylon ship and its fleet will be the highest priority, and they’ll figure out the rest afterwards. Cain stalks out.

Starbuck has just come aboard Pegasus and is meeting with Cain. Cain promotes Starbuck to CAG, and Starbuck pushes to have Lee reinstated and made part of her team. Cain, whose had her back to Starbuck for most of this exchange, turns, faces her, and asks if she always gets what she wants. “Most of the time, sir” Starbuck responds. It’s a great line. Watching Starbuck and Cain interact is interesting, as there are a handful of similarities between the two. Cain lets Starbuck have Lee (heh) and then tells her that she wants to go back to Caprica, not only to rescue the people left on the planet, but also to kick the Cylons out and take their homes back. Starbuck clearly likes this idea.

Meanwhile, on Colonial One, Roslin and Adama are contemplating the meeting they just had. Roslin tells Adama “This can only end one way. You’ve gotta kill her.” Roslin thinks that Cain is dangerous, and will only keep attacking. She thinks that Cain’s going to get rid of Adama and then destroy the civilian fleet. Adama asks if the whole world’s gone mad.

Meanwhile, Sharon’s finishing up getting examined by Doc Cottle, who says that her pregnancy wasn’t impacted by “the attack”–Sharon questions if that’s what we’re calling it now. Adama is there, too, and not going to let Helo and the Chief be executed. What happened to Sharon (is unforgivable, chimes in Doc Cottle, and let me be the first to say, FUCK YEAH DOC COTTLE), but what happened is Adama’s responsibility, as it happened aboard his ship. Adama apologizes to Sharon.

In Pegasus’ brig (where there are bunkbeds?), Helo wonders why they aren’t dead yet, when Lee strolls in. He updates them that their execution has been delayed, and that Galactica nearly went to war over Helo and Tyrol.

Ooh, a trip inside Baltar’s head! We’re in his swanky apartment, and nakey HeadSix tells him about how she misses sports. Before she helped destroy civilization, she used to go and buy tickets to Pyramid and feel the energy of the crowd.

Out of his head, Cain has come to visit  Baltar and ImprisonedSix, asking about the giant suspicious ship, and gives ImprisonedSix a kick and spits on her for good measure. As soon as the guards leave and it’s just Baltar and I-Six, she attacks him, attempting to choke him. She stops, and then begs him to kill her, saying she wants to die.

On Galactica’s flight deck, Adama meets with Laird, and then gets an update from Callie, who tells him that the rumor is that Pegasus used to have a civilian fleet, but not so much anymore. Tigh, drinking with Pegasus’ XO, asks about the civilian fleet. The XO explains that they found some civilian ships soon after the attack, and the Pegasus stripped them clean. Cain apparently saved people who may be seen as “valuable” and left the rest. On Laird’s ship, there was resistance–each of the “valuable” people from that ship had families with them, and the families were not allowed to come with them to Pegasus. Anyone who refused to leave their families resulted in those families getting shot, which happened to two families. In other words, Roslin is right, Cain needs to be killed.

On Pegasus, Starbuck is still planning the operation Cain ordered, and clearly has less animosity toward Cain than literally every other person from Galactica. Also on Pegasus, Baltar has brought ImprisonedSix new clothes. While Baltar turns his head away as she gets dressed, he does see what looks like whip-marks on her back, truly horrific-looking cuts and bruises. Once she’s dressed (and, really, how Baltar’s been treating her is possibly my favorite thing about Baltar–giving her clothes is huge) anyway, Baltar starts questioning her about how much she knew about her Cylon identity, and apparently, ImprisonedSix thought that she’d be killed after carrying out her mission, so she could download far away from Pegasus. After everything that’s happened to her, though, she wants to die and have these memories be erased permanently. She says this is possible if they destroy the giant suspicious Cylon ship, which we learn is a resurrection ship, used when the Cylons are too far from their home planet to download into new bodies. If there’s no ressurection ship nearby-ish, Cylons can’t download–they’re really most sincerely dead.

Starbuck and Cain come to the conclusion that if they take out the resurrection ship, it might anger and frighten the Cylons so much that they go away and leave them alone.

On Colonial One, Adama talks to a very ill President Roslin. He tells her she was right about Cain, that she destroyed 15 civilian ships. This is one of those very sweet scenes (I love these two together, I might add) and one of the first times we see Adama administer to a sick Roslin. It’s them against Cain, which brings them closer.

In Pegasus’ brig, Tyrol says that once they’re out, he’s going to let Sharon go completely. Helo points out that he’s freaking out about the fact that he’s in love with Sharon, and that he’s having a half-machine baby. But while Tyrol’s letting go of Sharon, Helo’s only holding on tighter.

Cain and Adama are both going over paperwork in their respective quarters, and they’re both tired. Lee and Starbuck are back on Galactica, explaining the mission against the Resurrection ship. Starbuck outlines a plan involving, literally, every single military vessel, and two civilian ships as decoys. Adama requests Starbuck stay behind to answer some questions about the mission. On a Raptor back to Pegasus, Jack (ah ha! Pegasus’ XO is named Jack!) is instructed by Cain to hand-pick a group of highly trustworthy Marines. Meanwhile, Adama has a mission for Starbuck. Simultaneously, Cain instructs Jack to kill Adama, while Adama tells Starbuck to kill Cain. Both assassinations are going to be signaled via telephone, after the attack on Ressurrection is completed. Oh boy!

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