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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, Episode 2.12, “Resurrection Ship Pt. 2”

Hey there, BSG fans! Welcome to this week’s recap! Because of the holidays, Persephone’s off the next two Mondays, so I won’t be seeing you again until 2012. This would be an excellent time to catch up on your BSG watching! The entire series is available on Netflix Instant, or if you’ve got Amazon Prime (or its ever so lovely scholarly sibling, Amazon Student) it’s free there too. Also in exciting news, the fantastic Monchichi is doing screencaps again, so this week has pictures! 

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck is now CAG of the Battlestar Pegasus; President Roslin first tries for reconciliation, because Admiral Cain is hell-bent on executing Tyrol and Helo for killing a Pegasus officer, but then tells Adama that he’s got to kill Cain; Cain mocks Baltar for showing compassion to the Cylon imprisoned on Pegasus, and then kicks and spits on the prisoner; HeadSix tells Baltar a detailed story about how she used to love going to Pyramid games; and Baltar explains the purpose of the suspicious giant Cylon ship ““ it’s a resurrection ship, where Cylons too far from their home base can download into new bodies; so now we’ve got a battle plan to destroy the resurrection ship; and Cain and Adama are making plans to kill each other, both signaling the order to kill via a phone call. What can I say, last week was busy!

In current time, we’ve got a dude wearing sunglasses and floating in some water, arms spread in a vaguely Christ-like pose. It’s Lee Adama! The hell is going on? He is interrupted in his floating by a Cylon raider coming at him! And, apparently, in some version of reality, Lee is not floating peacefully in some lake, but instead floating, in his spacesuit and a chair, in open space, without a ship. The hell happened, Lee?

Aha! 48 hours earlier! Starbuck has informed Lee of her order to kill Cain, and is asking for some backup. Lee agrees, and talks a bit about the importance of trust. They hug. WHY CAN’T IT BE LIKE THIS ALWAYS. (Why yes, I do ship Starbuck and Lee, almost as hard as Adama Sr. and Roslin. You really ought to know this by now.)

Horrible Asshole Dude Bros

In Pegasus’ brig, Tyrol and Helo are visited by the horrific asshole dude bros (henceforth known as HADBs) who, several episodes earlier, expressed delight at the idea of sexually assaulting Cylons. The HADBs enter the cell, with fully-armed Marines, and it’s clear something horrible’s about to happen. But now, credits! I spend the entire minute of the credits wondering whether the abuse Tyrol and Helo are about to endure will be of a sexual nature or not. Credits over, and we’re back with Tyrol and Helo, who are strapped to the bunk beds in their cell, standing and facing each other. The HADBs beat Tyrol and Helo with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel, so as to not leave marks, but only get a good 30 seconds of abuse in before Jack shows up. (Jack is Pegasus’ XO, who’s confided in Tigh about how frakked up things on Pegasus are, which might be an indication that he is not as much of a horrific asshole as EVERY OTHER PERSON WE’VE MET FROM PEGASUS, but who knows.) Jack stops the HADBs, gets them out of the cell, and gets the restraints off of Helo and Tyrol. He then lets the HADBs off with a warning, and also kicks out the Marines. Jack then explains that you can’t rape a machine, meaning you can’t rape a Cylon.

Oh Jack. So you’re an HADB too. Damn. Enough of this.

We’re in Cain’s quarters, where she asks Starbuck if she drinks. “Only to excess, sir,” Starbuck replies, which is a great line. Cain responds by talking about Colonel Tigh, suggesting that he needs a smack in the mouth occasionally. Cain then brings up Adama, and Starbuck immediately rushes to his defense for his attempt to get Helo and Tyrol back. Cain talks about there being a moment when you have to decide whether you’re going to act or not, and if you don’t act, more people die. Who knows what Cain thinks she’s really talking about, but Starbuck is clearly thinking about her order to kill Cain. Cain then tells Starbuck that she’s got a lot of faith in her, and that she wants Starbuck that “when that moment comes, you won’t flinch” ““ essentially, Cain’s telling Starbuck to kill her.

When the moment comes, shoot me in the face.

Back on Galactica, Lee’s delivering mail from the Pegasus, and tells Adama that he’s in on Starbuck’s mission. Lee questions his father’s decision, Adama says it’s not up for debate, and mentions that this whole thing was President Roslin’s idea.

On Pegasus, Starbuck’s suiting up for what I’m assuming will be the assassination of Cain, as well as the attack on the Resurrection ship, and Jack has assembled the Marines Cain told him to take to Galactica to kill Adama. Jack and Starbuck wish each other good hunting. Tigh and Jack meet to discuss who’s in control of which Marines, and Tigh mentions that the last thing they need is Colonials shooting at each other, “Amen to that,” Jack replies (but really, shouldn’t that be a “so say we all”?).

Adama’s looking at his surgery scar in the mirror ““ a giant deep line running the length of his torso. Sharon is brought in to see Adama, who wants to know why the Cylons hate humans so much. Sharon quotes Adama’s own speech back to him ““ that humanity is flawed, and that humanity never asked why it deserved to survive. Maybe it doesn’t, Sharon says.

And now we’re in a fight in outer space, with Cylon base ships shooting at the battlestars. Lee’s in the blackbird, and takes out the resurrection ship’s FTL drives. And then gets shot. NOT THE BLACKBIRD! The ship’s destroyed, and Lee has ejected ““ so that’s why he was floating alone in space at the beginning. A bunch of Vipers head towards the resurrection ship, and then we go visit Jack, who’s on Galactica’s bridge.

Lee’s floating in space, and there’s a hole in his pant leg from which oxygen is escaping. He’s running low on oxygen in general. Both Galactica and Pegasus are taking heavy fire.

Oh, now we’re with Baltar, HeadSix, and ImprisonedSix, in Pegasus’ brig. HeadSix is freaking out that tens of thousands of Cylons are about to die. HeadSix is now jealous of ImprisonedSix, and Baltar tells ImprisonedSix what HeadSix told him last episode ““ about how much she misses going to Pyramid games. HeadSix begs him not to tell this story, but it makes ImprisonedSix reach out and take his hand. I’ve always wondered why he did this ““ does he think that since they’re both Sixes, this is a story she’ll like? Or does it have something to do with shared Cylon memory? Is he transferring his affections from HeadSix to ImprisonedSix? Or is he just telling her a story that’s sweet?

Sittin' in a chair, floatin' through space, ponderin' life.

Back on Galactica’s brig, Dee’s trying to get in touch with Lee, who’s not responding. Lee takes his hand off of the hole in his pants, and goes back to floating in his head lake. He says “I’m sorry, Kara,” and images of the resurrection ship being destroyed, of the battle in general, are interspersed with Lee in his lake ““ he’s slipped beneath the surface now. And then he’s illuminated by lights from a Raptor ““ let’s hope this means Lee’s been found.

ImprisonedSix informs Baltar that the resurrection ship is destroyed, and also, we see that Apollo’s okay ““ though he did need to be literally shocked back to life.

The Cylons are gone, that battle is over. Imprisoned Six is ready to die. Starbuck is heading to Admiral Cain, wishing Lee was there. And now, a moment of truth. Admiral Cain calls Adama, Adama asks to speak to Starbuck. He says it’s not enough to survive, one has to be worthy of surviving (as Sharon told him earlier). In other words, don’t kill Cain. Cain asks to speak to Jack, congratulates him on the mission, and says that’s all. In other words, don’t kill Adama.

With Baltar and ImprisonedSix, Baltar distracts a guard so ImprisonedSix can kill him and take his weapon. Of course, suicide is a sin, but ImprisonedSix wants to die. Baltar can’t bring himself to kill her though, and tells her that what she needs is justice, and gives her back the gun. Baltar knows a place where she would be safe, where he could look after her ““ because he loves her. Creepy Baltar is creepy. FormerlyImprisonedSix takes the gun and runs out of the brig.

Admiral Cain is in her quarters, getting undressed after a long day, putting her gun down and stepping away from it, when FormerlyImprisonedSix shows up. She aims a gun in Cain’s face and, mimicking Cain’s questions to her earlier, asks if the Admiral can roll over, and tells her to beg. Six shoots Cain.

Jump to Cain’s funeral ““ Jack is talking about how when he takes over the ship, he’ll uphold her values. No good. Starbuck talks about how Cain didn’t second-guess, she acted, and the ship survived. Starbuck says she thinks they were safer with her than they are without, an interesting thing, considering she came quite close to killing her.

Lee skipped the funeral, and he’s in his bunk. Starbuck goes to see him, and he apologizes for not being there to support her. Dee is listening outside the door. Lee confides to Starbuck that he didn’t want to make it back alive.

Oh, hey, Helo and Tyrol are back! Sharon’s thrilled. So say we all.

Roslin would like to know how the Cylon got off the Pegasus. She’s quite happy that Adama didn’t have to kill Cain. And, in an adorable moment, Roslin points out that someone who commands more than one ship is called an admiral, and she’s gotten him the fancy collar stars to prove it. Commander Adama is now Admiral Adama. Roslin’s too weak to stand on her own, so Adama needs to help her up. They share a moment, and perhaps the most chaste kiss ever, (STILL: YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!) Happy Adama is Happy. And an Admiral.

You are now an Admiral! You may kiss the President! And there was much rejoicing.

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What’s fun about being a recent bsg fan I am seeing certain people in the hallmark movies.  Six and Giaus have both made appearances.  Tyrol is a voice in Skyrim.  I am annoy dear  Mr. Truly by running to him each time I catch a glimpse of a familiar face.

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