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LTP: 12/1

It’s the first of December! It’s the first of December! It’s a big day in my house because the kids can finally dive into their chocolate Advent calendars (thank you, Trader Joe’s, for this $0.99 treat).

December can mean holidays, December can mean Food with a capital F, it can mean family. Today’s poll is simply, what does December mean to you?

3 replies on “LTP: 12/1”

For me, December is about reflection. The holidays get overwhelming with All the People and Activities, and the way I cope with this is just taking a step away and breathing, very carefully, and thinking through things. The year. Relationships. The direction my life is headed. December has always been a pensive time for me. I think part of that is related to the things I mentioned above, part of it is the traditional aspect of the holidays (tradition begetting memory), and part of it is the mindset Seasonal Affective puts me into anyway.

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