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LTP: 12/15/11

It’s Thursday again, and we’re 80% to Friday. Will you get some time off in the next week or two? It always seems like the days leading up to a planned break are the looonnngggeeesssttt ones.

On days like these, I put on my headphones, and try to concentrate, without glancing at the clock on the corner of my screen. I also play games with myself: in 30 minutes I can get a drink of water. In 45 minutes, I’ll grab some candy. (Yes! We have candy and I eat it.)

How do you make time pass faster at work? Do you look at the clock or do you avert your eyes?

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I have tomorrow (woohoo!), next Friday and the entire week between Christmas and new year’s off.

That’s what happens when you don’t have time to take vacations during the year like normal people, you cram it all into one month. One glorious month. (use it or lose it)

So, ah, I come here to make the day go faster. When I read stuff I like, it’s like a time suck. A stupid time suck. I want MORE TIME to read stuff I like. When I read stuff I don’t like, it takes for ev er. :(

Oh, and Tumblr. Scrolling through posts.

But if I have been really productive and want to treat myself for working instead of getting distracted, I get hot chocolate. :)


Exam on federal taxation today, another exam on Criminal Procedure on Tuesday, and then I’m DONE until January 16th.  I MIGHT come back to Chicago early to start my new internship at the Education Labor Board.  I can barely focus I’m so excited.  My studying lately goes:  Do 2 sections on your outline and you can watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother.  I’m not very disciplined this semester….

I’m off from noon on December 22 through January 3 and because of the holiday schedule, I’m only using 2.5 vacation days.  Yay for me!!

The days do seem to drag as they get closer to a vacation break.  I find myself playing games on Facebook more often and writing more fanfiction.  Win, x2.


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