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LTP: 12/6

In today’s lunchtime poll, I want to know about when life was the pits for you.

My fiance’s best friend died over Thanksgiving weekend, unexpectedly, and then my parents had to put their dog down this weekend. Now my dude is back in Seattle for the friend’s memorial, and our dog is being something of a terrorist. I’m so exhausted by everything that’s been going on that I’m past grief and sorrow and into a form of buzzing irritation that is taking itself out in scrubbed floors and manic rounds of baking.

But misery loves company, right? So, today, I want to hear about the last time it felt like everything was crashing down around your ears. How do you cope with overwhelming stress? And why the hell does it seem like bad things always seem to happen in clusters?

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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I am sorry that you are suffering. :( Strenuous cleaning (or running, but I know how you feel about running) is a good way to get out stress, and I hope that the baking helps as well. Running got me through my junior year in college–the hardest year of my academic life!–but another thing that has helped me is making a list of what needs to get done (even if that’s just a grocery list) so that I can focus on day to day activities. Meditation and focused breathing mixed with some pampering–a good meal, a cup of tea with a favorite movie–can really help ease the chaos.

The last time I felt like I could barely keep my head above water was mid July, right around when Mr. Dormouse and I celebrated our one year anniversary. My manager was gone on a two week vacation, and I ended up having to do the work of two people in her absence. We had an onslaught of room nights at the hotel, tons of turnover, we started running out of things like toilet paper and shampoo, and the woman who was my functional grandmother in Ghana was in hospice in her last days. We all knew that she was likely to pass any day, so I broached the topic with the manager above my manager about the possibility of taking time off in the foreseeable future to attend her likely funeral. And that manager said that she couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to go. At that point, I almost quit my job then and there. Instead, I had a total emotional breakdown in an empty guest room and sobbed to myself in a corner. That was a horrible, horrible summer…

I’m so sorry that you’re going through all of this. :( I cope with stress by making a conscious effort to take care of emotional health- whether that means calling up my mom and having a good cry, watching an episode of a TV show I like, playing my guitar, putting together a playlist of all kinds of music that makes me happy and making it a point to listen, treating myself to a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks… You’ll notice it’s a long list. I have chronic depression, so I have a massive list of things I like doing that are quick pick me ups and don’t take too much effort or time on my part. It also helps to rely on your friends or your family- any people that are close to you and you feel comfortable either venting to or demanding that you have a night out or in together.

The last time I felt like everything was crashing down around my ears was a few months ago when I made the difficult decision to quit my job. It was either quit or stay and remain miserable because I was treated horribly and the hours were ridiculous. I was a bit of a hermit, but I realized that sitting inside and not talking to anyone was only making things worse because I am naturally a very social person. It’s really important to do things that make you happy, small things are best because the small things can add up. :) I hope that things get better for you.

I’m so sorry! That sounds like a very stressful and difficult time, indeed :(. When things spiral out of control for me I tend to deal with it in different ways. Sometimes I’ll do something really healthy like a yoga challenge or up my visits to my wonderful therapist. Other times, I just shut down to the outside world and dwell on my negative thoughts until something yanks me out of my depression.

When my ex (also my best friend since childhood) and I broke up and I had to move into the apartment we were supposed to live in together two weeks later, I didn’t unpack for an entire month. As someone with situationally induced OCD, that is a big deal. It seemed like everything was a catastrophe and all I could do was watch Ally McBeal, cry, and mope. Then one day, I just woke up and unpacked and started putting my life back together without even really thinking about it, like it was just time to move on. I don’t know if there’s a right answer, but support from friends, cute animal pictures, and things that make me laugh are where I tend to turn. That and being forgiving of yourself for however you feel.

I hope things turn up for you :).

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