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LTP: 12/8

I am feeling proud of myself – Tuesday night I created my family’s Christmas card online, and yesterday I picked them up at the store. I will have them all mailed by this coming Saturday, which may be a new record for me.

I love getting real mail, and I hope that people love getting real mail from me. I also love getting the random New Year’s card, and some year, Valentine’s cards (instead of holiday cards). So here’s my question: do you send holiday cards or another snail-mail mass mailing at some point in the year?

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I’ve got my cards to do this weekend. I’m terrible about getting them out, but I feel like its a Real Grown Up Thing to do, so I try.

We’ve talked, repeatedly, about doing a family card that involves us getting dressed up as the Fonze, Pinkie, and Leather Tuscadero and sending out a happy holidays messages that way, but I’m concerned that the reference will be lost on most. Sigh, Happy Days.

I love mail!

I sent out about 75 holiday cards already, although I know ones from people I’ve forgotten about will trickle in and I’ll end up with a few more. I send random cards and letters and packages to my friends and family for no reason all year long. December is really the only mass mailing time, but I just love sending (and getting!) mail.

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