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LTP: 12/9/11

There are a lot of classics associated with this time of year. Movies, music and television specials have become a large part of many families’ holiday traditions. Based on conversations I’ve had and heard this week, everyone has at least one classic that they really truly hate.

Mine is “Feliz Navidad.” When I was in third grade, my class had to sing this song for a seniors’ group and our choir teacher drilled us over and over and over again so we would get it right. To this day, it gives me a shudder. Ironically, even though I hate it, I still feel compelled to sing along. What that woman drilled, stays drilled forever.

By [E]SaraB

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I do not like the movie Elf. I don’t know if that qualifies as “classic”, but everyone I know seems to think it’s the best Christmas thing ever. I just think the whole premise is really creepy and awkward, and I’ve never managed to watch it all the way through. I’ve never understood the appeal of Will Ferrell in anything, though.

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