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Lunchtime Poll: 12/21

I am flying tomorrow. Every year, after the holidays, I swear off holiday travel for the following year. But love for my family ends up winning out ,and I suck it up and get on that plane or bus again. And every year, I experience a travel-related snafu.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I think my worst travel experience was one time when I was flying from NYC to Waco by myself to visit my family. I got on the plane to realize I was sitting right next to two of my Spanish professors from college, one of whom I kinda hated. Then they announced that there was a broken switch on the plane, so we couldn’t take off on the short runways at LaGuardia with a full tank. They dumped half of it, and then we had to stop in Nashville to refuel. When we finally made it to Dallas I’d missed my connecting flight and barely made the next one on standby.
Then there was the dayI was moving to NYC; my flight to Atlanta was so delayed by thunderstorms that I literally had to pound on the door at the gate for them to reopen my connecting flight; they’d closed the door as I was sprinting up. And then they yelled at me and the other passengers who were also connecting from my flight for being so late, when it wasn’t our fault. My suitcase didn’t make the connection, and they never called me when it got to NY, so I had NO clothing for 4 days. Bastards.

We drove through a blizzard from Riga, LV to Berlin one year, and the German border guards made us stand in the snow while they used keys to peel the fake window tinting from the windows of the van we were driving. I had just finished reading Number the Stars and I don’t think I totally got that these guys weren’t Nazis, but I was terrified the whole time and started crying. They must have thought I was a total freak, crying over window tinting. It was just a stressful year in general.

Until my grandparents passed away, my family made an 8 hour pilgrimage to Southern Ontario on Boxing Day. Seeing as how this is Canada, we have driven through some monstrous weather. The most terrifying was when I was 11 and there was pretty much whiteout conditions, with my 21 year old sister driving. My parents were that terrifying kind of concerned and suggested my sister pull over; she pointed out that if she did, we would probably get hit by a car that couldn’t see us. As this argument was going on, we thankfully approached a rest station; as we left the highway, an accident happened behind us( we later find out it was an 8 car pile-up). We spent most of that day hanging out with the nice people at Tim Hortons.

A few years later I was rereading an old diary and found  that I had written on that day: “We are going to die.”


I only have a few badish experiences, and even those weren’t as nightmareish as some I’ve heard from others:

Flaky Friend – This isn’t even a holiday story. I was at my alma mater visiting friends and the one who took me to the airport got me there late. And then left. So I had to spend the night in the airport waiting on my rebooked flight the next morning.

New Year’s Flu – I got the flu over New Year’s (I was the life of that party, napping upstairs the whole time). When we were flying home a couple days later, our flight from Manchester to London was delayed due to weather. Even though we could see our plane to Orlando still at the gate when we got there, we got the whole “doors are closed, sorry” thing. The airline gave us a hotel for the night and food vouchers, and I was feeling LOADS better the next day, so it worked in the end, but it was a bad day.

British Husbands Don’t Understand Bad Days To Fly – When my now husband finally got his visa and was flying back over here to live, he booked his flight so that he would be here for Thanksgiving… by arriving the day before. What should have been a two hour drive to and from the airport became three hours to and FIVE HOURS BACK. It’s a miracle our relationship survived that car ride.

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